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Angelina (Russia) January 2023

I've been sitting here mentally reviewing my life over the last year and I found myself for the second day in a state of happiness and gratitude, and the more words of gratitude I say the more happiness I feel inside.

Thank you Shri Mataji for bringing us to Nick. I want to thank everyone who helped make this happen, for giving us the opportunity to understand God's messag ,to thank the whole Nick's team and of course first of all I want to express my love, admiration, awe and appreciation for Nick.

I am experiencing such happiness and love - can't express it in words. I feel as if a heavy burden and hopelessness of so many years has been lifted, as if spring is coming. It's as if even all these years have been lifted. I feel so enthusiastic inside, like I'm a young girl with my whole life ahead of me.

Yesterday I was listening to Daisy, the part where Nick was describing how he felt like Heaven on Earth and today I felt like I could experience that Heaven living in this body. I experienced such love for Mother Earth, the water, the plants, the animals and, what is most amazing for me, I felt an incredible love for people. It's easy to love innocence in animals and in the surrounding earthly beauty, but the world of people is so problematic and cruel... I always wanted to keep distance, but today I want to love and forgive everyone and cherish each person. It's such a beautiful feeling of liberation. I dream that this feeling will develop, intensify and deepen.

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