Alan Napper From Australia

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I first started attending sahaja yoga public meetings England in 1983. I was a 33 year old shoe factory employee who lived alone, was not happy with my life at the time and needed to change.

I first met Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi personally in 1984 at public meetings in Bath and Bristol. It was a new and unique experience. Within a couple of months I was feeling so much better and now had a much more positive out look to life. I later moved to Australia in 1986 after getting married. I continued attending sahaja yoga  meetings there until 2014. Gradually over that period things changed when Shri Mataji was not talking to sahaja yogi's at the time. The sahaja yogi’s started to relate to her husband and family instead. He started introducing committees and councils in sahaja yoga a hierarchy. Certain sahaja yogi’s saw this an opportunity to take over control of everything. It became very judgemental, closed hearted, an unpleasant and confusing place to be. Shri Mataji was being treated badly and her health was deteriorating.

I first found out about Nick Burrin through my wife Barbara who discovered his books online. The first book I read was Beyond All Doubt is Jerusalem is the Golden City in 2015. I could feel from reading the book that Nick had a strong connection and deep understanding of Shri Mataji’s Life. Since then I have read all of Nick Burrin's books. I now have a deeper understanding of what Nick's life is about and how important it is to find out even more about Nick.

I first met Nick Burrin in person at his May 2015 meeting in West Sussex, England. I felt at the meeting that Nick is a very kind and open hearted person, who treated everyone equally with love and respect. I felt very much at ease in Nick's company. I have now become a more confident person, with less self-doubt. My marriage to Barbara is now much stronger and happier as Nick has shown us the importance of seeing the beauty in each other. Our relationship with our son Daniel has improved no end since meeting Nick, he has become a lot happier in his self.

It has been such a privilege and a blessing to read Nick Burrin's  books and attend your meetings. I now know the Truth about Shri Mataji’s life and what has been going on in sahaja yoga I am now very relieved to be no longer in a place of darkness, confusion and uncertainty. I am now in a place where Truth prevails. Is full of light and optimism for the future.

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