Alan Napper Australia

People's experiences of Nick Burrin's Meetings

In 2017 I travelled to England to attend Nick Burrin’s May and June meetings with my wife Barbara. It is a long trip 23 hours flying time alone. It felt like I was heading somewhere very special and the journey was a very calm and relaxing experience. Once we arrived in England, we made our way to West Sussex, staying in Littlehampton for the duration of the trip.

At the meeting Nick made us feel very welcome and at home, we knew we were with someone special. Nick has such a great heart, making you feel very comfortable in his company. During the meeting, Nick Burrin spoke of the importance of becoming the true self, the spirit and not the person we think we are; becoming your own guru, being satisfied with our life and ourselves. Nick explained how we can make changes in our lives, if necessary, to enable that to happen. Gradually over time, I can feel from the experiences I have had with Nick Burrin that these positive changes are happening within me.

While we were there, we went with Nick and some other people who had come to Nick Burrin's meeting, to Elmer Sands beach near Bognor Regis. We experienced a special swim around the rocks. We all swam out to a large pole in the sea which was close to the rocks. Once there we drifted into the tide that allowed us to float effortlessly along the length of the rocks. When we reached the end of the rocks we all swam back to the beach. It was great fun to swim with Nick.

We also went to East Head at West Wittering beach with Nick for a walk around the beautiful sand dunes. It is a special place of great depth and silence. We sat for a while in the sand dunes, soon going into a deep state of meditation. It has amazing views of the South Downs in the distance and the estuary with its sailing boats, a perfect landscape setting.

Attending Nick Burrin’s meetings in person, on Zoom and reading Nick Burrin's books has now become the most important part of my life. Nick wants everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives. I can feel and see this happening as our respect and love for Nick and each other continues to grow.

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