Creating A Better World

It’s incredibly important for all of us to become our own Guru. All the ten Gurus that came to show us the truth were all leaders; leaders of men and women.  So the quality of being a Guru is to be a leader, (but not in the way that you think a leader is, because we think of leaders who control,  but a leader who has compassion and passion and devotion for humanity) and to try and improve everyone’s situation that we come in contact with. And one of the most important qualities of being a guru is that you have to realize that you have to work together; that the the best countries, the best societies are the ones that come together to decide what should and shouldn’t be done...


So collaboration is the best way to create a better world for all of us. And you ‘ll notice that when I talk to you, I quite often ask you for your opinion on how you feel about things.  And to me it’s very important to know how you feel about things.  So I ask you  a lot of the time; so how do you feel; how should we do the meeting; how should we encourage new people; what should we do.  So you should always do the same.  So though you might know what to do, it’s also very important that you bring people into that decision-making.


All the Deities have this immense quality to bring everybody together.  And it’s extraordinary for me to feel tonight, as I was coming back from the beach after a swim, that Mother was sitting behind me; (which is always a lovely feeling), and Mother doesn’t always sit behind me.  Then Mother said “I’m going to leave it to You Guys now.”  It was the most extraordinary feeling because Mother just wanted me and the other Deities to have fun, and it was something completely new; I’ve never felt that before.  It was as if we’ve turned a corner; as if the seriousness has suddenly evaporated and They just wanted to play and have a laugh and have fun.


So I feel that in my heart tonight that something very special is happening.  And when you look around the world... in one of my books, I said that the people from the past would become confused in their own confusion; which has happened; but now the whole world has become confused in it’s own confusion, and nobody knows what to do about anything.  But that’s a good thing; because once they start to realize that they don’t know what to do, then they start to surrender; they start to seek the truth.  And it’s amazing to watch how fast everything is happening; how fast things are changing.  Just in this last week... it’s unbelievable.  And writing the book at the moment, and going back over all the things that I have said in the last two years is also extraordinary to feel how those things have changed what’s happening today.  But for all of you now, you have to be your own gurus. This is so important.  And so many of you have changed in that way, and for me to watch that change is a miracle. How is it possible, I could have taken 25, 30 people, whatever it is, and changed their lives in such a dramatic way and made them  feel more secure, more confident, much more their own person.  It is, an unbelievble miracle really; you have to feel that; you have to know that.  And if you know that, then you can also know and feel that it’s time that you became even more powerful.  For me it’s quite a shock really, to feel and see how much has changed.  Sometimes I wonder to myself; who wouldn’t want it; why wouldn’t somebody want me to guide them, to help them , to make them stronger, to make them better; to make them understand their jobs, to make them understand society, to make them understand their work collegues, to give them a better house to live in, to give them a better environment to meditate in....

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