Considering I have dyslexia, I’ve always found writing a sentence or a paragraph nearly impossible, as I don’t really understand the structure and I can’t spell at all.

So back in 1994, when I started to have visions of angels and Deities, I bought myself a small dictaphone and started to record my experiences live as they happened. And then I took the recordings and found that it was easy to turn them into sentences, paragraphs and books, because all the hard work had been done for me by myself in the recording.

What’s important to realise is that when you write a sentence, you are defining its meaning. When you speak and record it allows for ambiguity, which means that your sentences and paragraphs have many meanings, and people say about my books that they are living words, as whenever you re-read one of my books it’s like reading a book you have never read before.

I now often speak to teachers and different audiences and explain how I have written my books and many people have started to copy the way I record and write, rather than just write sentences.

When I read back what I have recorded and written, I’m always amazed and quite often say, omg who would have managed to have written that and it makes me feel very proud that I have already published seven books in 9 years.  And I feel so happy that I can share my experiences with the world.

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