The difference between the Spirit and the ego

And so everything I say is in thoughtless awareness. And what I noticed last night when I asked people to speak, is that, the difference between thinking and speaking is quite a big step. So to speak in thoughtless awareness you have to feel what it is that you want to say and not think what it is you want to say, and that’s why at the end of these meetings, none of us can remember what I’ve said, and nor can I. But if I thought about what I was going to say, you would remember it, because your ego would have absorbed my thoughts, because they’re coming from here (the head) and you would accept those (thoughts) up here.

So how do I get people to start to feel what they should do and what they should say. And I explained this evening that, (which is actually going to be in Book 7) that I started to do that on the India Tour. So I would have to speak to 500 people every day and probably at least 3 or 4 times a day and I’d have to be very clear about the instructions that I gave, remembering that actually, probably only 30 or 40% of the people that I was talking to spoke English. So it was quite a difficult task to make sure everybody knew what was happening. And I remember when I first started to do it, that I realised that I couldn’t look at the people, because if I looked at the people, I would start to think. So I decided that whenever I stood up, I would look into the distance at a cloud or a tree and I’d wait. I would just stand and wait until I felt the first thing that I should say. And that would give me my starting point, and then the next thing and then the next thing and then the next thing. And actually that’s pretty much really what I do now. I would say, I’ve perfected it a bit more now because actually on India Tour there were things which were pretty similar that I had to say every day. Like, please make sure you’ve got a rucksack with a shawl, with a jumper, perhaps a toothbrush to take with you on the bus and that you’ve packed your suitcase and so on and so forth.

So maybe at the next meeting, we could see when you speak, if you wanted to speak in front of everybody, to see if you could feel what you need to say, rather than think what you need to say. And although in this state, everything is very slowed down, if you were to work with me, and some people are working with me on different things, the speed at my reaction to what we should do, how we should do it, is very precise and there’s no thought process in that at all. Everything I do comes completely from my heart and it’s always absolutely spot on. There’s never a mistake. There’s never an issue. The only issue will be you carrying out what I’ve asked you to do, because you wouldn’t think it would be what it would be.

So, people will start to get experiences where instead of thinking what you should do, is just wait a minute and say I’m going to feel what I should do, should I get the bus, should I get the train, should I walk on this side of the road or that side of the road. But our mind is working so fast that you don’t give your Spirit time, you know. So, there’s a time and there’s also an energetic, spontaneous action of your heart. So I’ve explained this to all of you and you should try this, and that is in your cupboard where you’ve got your teacups, you might have a blue teacup, a pink teacup, a red teacup, a white teacup, an orange teacup and when you open the cupboard your Spirit will go white and your ego will go, green, blue, red, yellow, yeah and you’ll go for the yellow one. Well that’s fair enough, ok. The next time you open it your Spirit will go yellow and your ego will go, white, blue… and it’s a great way of actually beginning to feel what your Spirit wants you to do and not what your ego wants you to do.

So as we grow, and you start to feel more of yourself, and the one-on-one sessions are really important for that, because … and I’m perfecting it. So I started with certain people and I’ve moved it on now in a big way. So it’s quite different and in fact if I’ve spoken to you in the past, maybe 10 days, I need to start again really. What I realised is that I have to start at the beginning of your life and work through to now. It’s quite quick really, because I can probably do it in a few hours, because whatever has happened to you in your life, I need to know, you need to know and we need to understand why it happened. Most of the things that have happened to us, the bad things, our egos think are bad, our Spirits accept them, because that’s part of our journey. As I say to my children all the time, life isn’t fair. So, if it’s not fair, then we’ve got to somehow change it, in the way we look at it, to make it an advantage for us and not a disadvantage. So what I do is spend quite a lot of time just processing what’s happened to you and then move through those things so that, you come out at the end realising that actually everything that has happened to you is to get you to this room today. And if you realise that then all of the things that have affected and worried you, suddenly you start to put into perspective. It’s not so bad, it’s ok. Because you made it here. Imagine if you didn‘t. And look, one thing that I noticed today, is, we look very different. Did you notice the people walking up and down the promenade. My heart goes out to humanity, because it’s so hard. You know, they do look tortured and I don’t want that, but I can’t affect people as such. So this is the process.

So it would be nice if you all could come and have one-on-ones with me and I’ll make as much time as possible, but you do also have to understand that I have got to finish Book 7 and finish Book 8. So by January, that will be done whatever happens, and then I’ve got so much more time on my hands and we can keep growing. So, of course, also when you have the one-on-one situation, I try and deal with certain things first and then there needs to be a bit of time, for you to adjust and to feel yourself and to understand why these things have happened and how you’ve managed to find me. And as I say to you so many times, that’s the miracle for me. How did you find me and how do you recognise me. I still don’t understand it really. For me that’s the kind of shocking part. But also to realise, there’s no rush. I’m not trying to push you, but I also don’t want you to be suffering, I don’t want you to be in pain, and I want you to have a good life and I want you to have fun. So the faster you grow, the quicker all of these things will get sorted out.

So the quality that I bring really, is a deep sense of myself and of thoughtless awareness and being able to act with God, with my Spirit, which is what I want to share with you, so that, we become stronger, happier, better, (whatever that means).

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