Our society is more important today than at any other time in our history and that’s because so many things have gone wrong. You don’t even know your neighbours, when you drop off your children at their school you’re never invited in. If you book a doctors appointments it lasts for 10 minutes, how can you get to know your patients in 10 minutes.

So we need to create a society that is more caring, open and honest. And the way we do that is by communities organizing and looking after all of their social aspects and needs together, so their education, healthcare for the elderly, sports facilities, playgrounds for children. Everything should be run by the people of each community, not run by governments, or health departments, or by the education system but by local people together.

So that we care for one another’s needs and we look after each other together, creating a new society of trust  and understanding, and it’s about local people looking after the needs of the people in their community.


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