Mother Earth

The Earth is a living being and every country is an organ and Mother Earth supports us and looks after us every day. Can you imagine that you put a seed in the earth and it will grow into food or plants or trees, and so the whole eco system is there for us to enjoy, to swim in the sea, walk on the South Downs. And it’s so important that we teach our children to love and look after the Earth as they are both our future.

“Sitting on the terrace of our small stone cottage, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the fresh mountain air, I remembered that we had been asked to water the crops in front of the house.

I had spent the last few days looking at the plants and the trees, thinking to myself how clever the farmers are here, that they design the growth of their crops on a slope, so that all you need to do is to put a hose in one position and the water would run all the way round the crops in little trenches and would even go to the individual trees.

I got the hose. Placing it where I thought was the right position, I waited for the water to run off down the trenches, but in fact the water ran to my feet. So I moved the hose and the water still ran towards me. I suddenly realised that Mother Earth had produced a Maya, an illusion. I had believed the lay of the land to be one way, when in fact it wasn’t, it was sloping in the opposite direction. I moved the hose again, to the other end, and it slowly trickled round the crops.

Sometimes in life we think we know the truth, and that truth is something we can understand and possess, but perhaps we should look again. Truth is what it is. The water cannot run uphill. We may have to open our minds and hearts in order to understand truth, because it may not be what we thought it was.

It is amazing how many lessons can be learnt from simply watering the garden. By watering the plants I found the truth, which was in the lay of the land. If I hadn’t picked up the hose and tested it, I would still be living in that illusion. So it is important in life, if someone expresses what he claims to be the truth, to try it for ourselves and to test it. If it’s right, we will know.

I was really enjoying watering the crops and trees and I was trying to work out, ‘what is this enjoyment?’ What was it within me that was enjoying watering the plants? Well it was a feeling of love, to be part of the process of natural growth. I could feel that the water coming from the hose was pure love, because it gave life and nourishment. If the water is love, then the trees and plants and fruits become love. If the fruits are love, and we eat the fruit, we too become love.

Love is so incredibly simple; it can be water, soil or sand... it is all God. God and love are one thing. God is all around us, everywhere. All we have to do is realise it and feel it. Once that happens to us, everything changes.

When a mother has a baby, we want to nourish the baby, by giving it water and food. That nourishment is love. We have to become like the water and food, to nourish one another, so that we may grow, like the plants I was watering that morning. And when we are asked to do something, we can try and feel a sense of love in any task we carry out. Then we will feel love in our hearts, because we are giving and pleasing one another.

I am suddenly able to understand how the earth is made of many different elements, and how we are made in exactly the same proportions of elements - which means that if we are the same, and the earth is love, then we too can become love, and everything will be solved.

It is as if the discovery of life has come from Mother Earth herself; that is where we began and where we will return. In between is confusion, but we will overcome it.

While watering the garden, I could see that by drawing analogies between man and the elements, we could more readily understand life and love, because we already feel empathy towards the awesome greatness of Mother Earth.

Rain. It rains because the whole ecological system wants to survive. The earth creates rain to give back life to itself. When rain falls on a mountain, the mountain doesn’t say “I want to keep all this water for myself’. He takes what he needs and lets the rest flow down to the valleys and the lowlands, where we can grow crops to retain life on earth. That is how the mountain and the rain give love to the valleys and to us.

We can learn from Mother Earth and realise that if we want to help one another in society, we must give love and nourishment, unconditionally. After all, the mountain makes no conditions on the valleys. We have to learn that real love is unconditional. If we expect anything back in payment, then it is not real love. It becomes warped and un-nourishable. Like the wise mountain that lets go of the water, we need to understand that love is something that cannot be imposed upon another person. It is something to be shared.

In the world today, we benefit from such enormous wealth. We could use this wealth unconditionally, to help others in a positive way - not expecting anything in return, which only increases and pampers our ego. The more we give, the more we will get back in return. We are made in the reflection of God and we can learn from the Earth. Just as God loves himself, we too can learn to love ourselves and grow in our sense of self-respect.

If the mountains were to keep the rain and the valleys had no water, then all life would die. Likewise, if we want to hurt ourselves, we can. And we do. We die from terrible diseases, which need not affect us if we use the power of love, the nourishment of all beings. With that sense of love, we will nourish our own growth and eradicate all diseases known to man. But if we are selfish and uncompromising with our love, we will punish ourselves and finally perish.

The power of love is enormous. We have not yet tapped into the tremendous healing powers of love. Mother Nature is being damaged by man, yet she still loves us, still nourishes us, and cares for us. But every so often she gives us a warning, just to let us know who is boss.”

So Daisys Really Are Made In Heaven - Chapter 9 River of Life

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