Meditation and Creativity

But what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to be like me, you’ve got to actually love it.  Why wouldn’t you want to sit quietly, turn everything off in the house, and just sit quietly.  Feel Mother flowing into your hands.... you know. The Adi Shakti is flowing into your hands.  You have been chosen by God to receive the greatest gift.

Okay it takes a bit of time and you have to work at it, and you have to be patient and you have to accept the love, you know.  But look how you change, look at the ability that the young people have.  Is it hidden.  Are you going to accept that you’re different.  You know in your heart you are.  We know you are.  Or are you going to become humanized and just like the other people; or are you going to become different.  Are you going to do something, strive in your life to do something different, you know, look slightly different... not too different.  You know create something that’s different.  What can you create tomorrow that’s different. I feel like I need a paintbrush.  I mean there are so many talented people, artists, here.  When I look at you I see the talent oozing out of you but do you see it, can you feel it.

Everybody has so much ability and is that hidden.  Do we conform or do we allow that ability to come out.


You know I spent so much time in my life looking, seeing, watching, realising how much creativity, how much wisdom, how much knowledge, how much truth there is now.

Remember, Mother said to me “Go and find me some truth”, there isn’t any... not really.

Now, there is so much truth, okay you have to, you know, whittle through it and you have to find the truth in what people are saying but there is a lot of truth there now.

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