Your Higher Power

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we all come across circumstances within our lives like deja-vu, coincidences, intuition. You then realise that there must be a higher power looking after all of us, and what created the universe.

We all began to realise that evolution is a long process, so somebody must have created  it in the first place and we’ve all had so many lives. And quite often people would have feelings of past lives and past experiences. God resides in everyone as your spirit which is your heart.

So the importance about self-realisation and the new awakening that I am talking about is that this reconnects you to the source that created us which is our higher power.

A lot of people have experiences of angels looking after them,  and true faith is about knowing that no matter what hardship we go through, we always survive and learn through our mistakes in life to become wiser and better human beings.

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