Health and Well-being

So, you’ve now read and understood the truth, so you also become the truth. So, everything you do, every action you take is showing the world, they’re showing the Deities – is proving to them that you understand the truth. And once you can command the truth within your own being you then have the power to affect the truth in the world, in other people. And I’ve talked a lot about the situations in the world whether it be political, economical, but the one subject I haven’t talked about it’s the health of the world. And if I have to put myself in my human form through physical endurance for Humanity then I will do that. And to be honest with you it’s absolutely shocking, shocking situation. I am absolutely… I don’t know what to say. I haven’t got words to say how… angry the Divine is. Because we’ve been let down by our governments and materialism to a point where most of the population is suffering.

So, if you take the health service in England for example. I mean, is it really underfunded? Is it really that badly organized? But actually, when you go as a patient, you’re considered – from my point of view – as a feeling as a hindrance; that you’re another person that I’ve got 10 minutes to cc. So, the system doesn’t work because we don’t pay anything as such. So, we pay through stealth tax, we pay through national insurance, but the problem with that is that then nobody really cares. You’re just another person that is before them. So, there has to be a better way. You have to pay for things; because if you don’t pay for it then you’re not treated as a customer, you’re not treated with kindness and love. So we need to figure out; and I will, over the next coming months, figure out what we should do with it completely; because it needs to change.

But not only that; is that the care that’s given is so misplaced. So, they don’t treat the cause, they just give you a drug to take. And the problem with it is they don’t actually find the cause or the solution; they don’t really find anything at all. And when I now look around at people and realize the suffering that people are going through – which is so unnecessary – then we have to desire today and command with our truth and our knowledge of what’s happening to change this situation for everybody. So, homoeopathy and naturopathy is the only way forward. And anyone with any sense is doing that anyway.

So, with that in mind today I really pray that Shri Karthikeya will come up with some amazing tricks to change this for everybody. Everything that I realized and everything that I experienced I have to go through to do that; and if I didn’t go through it I wouldn’t realize it in the way that it needs to be. And again, if that’s political education; if I haven’t had children I wouldn’t have understood education. So we all have to feel and understand the truth and then pray with our hearts that we can change this forever.

So, my attention now is completely on health and well-being.

We need really to do as I’ve said so many times is to concentrate on our own society. Again, with the Health Service, you know, it’s become bigger and bigger, and bigger; used to be little charities and little things and now if you look at it and find out where it’s run from… I mean, it’s just crazy.

So, I’ve been saying this a lot too when I was in my twenties I was developing a house and the person next door complained about the roof that we were going to build. So, I knocked on his door and he opened the door – very lovely looking man in tweed suit – and he invited me in, and I said to him, “Do you mind if I ask what you are doing?” And he said, “I’m a doctor for the police force. I’m on call 90 hours a week and I go out for sudden deaths or whatever happens in the community.” Anyway, we sat down, we talked about the roof and I said, “I’ll do whatever you like. What would you like me to do with the roof?” He said, “I’d like you to put a flat roof on that bit,” and I said, “Yeah, that’s fine.” And we got to discussing health and the health service, the NHS, and he said to me, “What you think happened before the NHS existed?” I said, “I’ve no idea; what did happen?” And he said, “Well, doctors like me had lovely surgeries in our house with lots of equipment; we could do lots of minor operations. And when people used to come to see us if we thought they couldn’t afford to pay we didn’t charge them. If we thought, you know, you’re a stockbroker then we charge you a fiver. And we managed the society; we knew everybody; we understood everybody’s health, everybody’s situation; their family life, what was going on in their lives.” And then if you wanted to go to a hospital there were many charities; the hospitals were run by charities. And everything worked hunky-dory and nobody complained to them, everything was fine. So, in remembering that conversation – I had many-many conversations with him after big words and he in fact became my private doctor. And he was amazing. And the reason he was amazing is because he had kindness and care, and love – all the qualities that doctors need.

So, we need to figure out a better solution. So, we must do that together like we’ve done with education. When Diana read that chapter in the Book, which was written a long time ago, I was amazed how actually that was it, one take – it was done, you know. And if we could create at school – oh, my God! When you want to go there? I mean, wouldn’t we all to go there as adults, as children.

So, we have to do the same with a health service.

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