Hand Reading

What I have found when I meet people is that their chakras and main organs are reflected within their hands, so when I’m talking to people I can look at their hands as this gives me a deeper understanding on so many levels about people’s past, their health and well being. 

So each finger represents a different part of the body, a different organ and a different chakra. So for example, your little fingers, the little finger on the left is related to your mother and the little finger on your right is related to your father, and our relationship with our parents is incredibly important for our growth and well being.

So I look at these fingers and if there are twists or they’re bent or there’s any swelling in them, it tells me how your relationship is and has been with your parents, which is so important to our future growth.

It is something that I have understood more and more over the years and perfected in seeing and understanding people on a new level of awareness.

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