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The Most Healthy Diet Ever

So, tonight I wanted to talk to you about the state of the food industry; and I have become incredibly shocked and very worried about the state of the world, and the poisons that we are consuming, and the illnesses that are becoming an epidemic, in which case then imposes on our health-care, our health, our hospitals, our doctors. So, in the last three months I've spent quite a bit of time experimenting on myself and trying to figure out what we should do and what is the best way forward. And I've looked at menus from 150 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, and then up until today. And the one thing that comes across very clearly is that our diet is changed beyond recognition. And the reason for that is that materialism and companies are taking low-grade food, and filling it with carbohydrates and sugar, and salt, and oils, and fats to produce something that we become addicted to. So my advice is that anything that you buy in a box – you shouldn't buy it; anything that you buy in a packet – you shouldn't buy it; anything that has a description on it, of what's in it – you shouldn't buy it; anything that says low-fat – you definitely shouldn't buy it. Because what they do is they take the fat out and they substitute it with chemicals and carbohydrates. So when you pick up a ready meal and you read what's in it there are 54 different ways to describe sugar which are hidden in the food. 54. You look; write into Google – how many different names are there for sugar. 54.  So, I spent my time looking at packets and looking at jars, and realizing just how much sugar we're consuming. And there's an epidemic of diabetes; and even more so in countries that don't sell alcohol.  And the reason for that is the population of Saudi Arabia drink enormous quantities of Coca Cola; enormous quantities, and Mexico, and Chile... And it's become kind of like a sacred drink; people bring it in crates and they drink it all evening.

So, what was interesting to me is when I was going around the supermarket; when you walk into most supermarkets the first thing that you come across is the vegetable aisles. And I picked up a stem of broccoli, and I read the label; and it said, broccoli, just broccoli; didn't say anything else. So I then went and picked up sweetened carrots that was ready prepared, and I read what was in it: 23 different things. So what I realized was the only fruit and vegetables that I should buy are ones that don't say there's anything in it other than what you see. So I then went and looked in the meat aisle. I picked up some chicken breasts and it said, chicken, and I thought, Okay, I’ll have those,  and then, some turkey breasts, I'll have those. A bit of lamb, I’ll have that. And then I looked again at the prepared lamb dishes, the meals, and looked what was in it. And I was just totally shocked.

So I then thought, while I was going around the supermarket; at my childhood… so, I'm 61 years old, and when we used to live in Beckenham in Kent my mum used to get the bus and I used to get on the bus with her, and we used to go to the village. And in the village there was a green grocer or two, and there was two or three butchers, and there was a shop called Cullins. So, we buy our meat and our vegetables, and we go to Cullins to buy perhaps the odd grounded coffee or other necessities. But when you go into a supermarket today, basically, 90% of what is sold we shouldn't be eating, we shouldn't be touching; literally, 90 percent. So it's a joy for me because it makes my shopping so fast now. I only have three aisles to go down. I might go and buy some rice or some pasta but...

And so my experiment also took in oils and different things.  Now, I remember as a child that we had a roast every Sunday. I mean, in England it's a tradition to have roast on a Sunday. So, next time you come to the meeting we'll have a roast on a Sunday to celebrate the traditional English roast. It's not something that I actually like doing particularly, because it was a kind of religion: we went to church – we had a roast. So I stopped going to church – I stopped having roasts. But we should celebrate the roast because it's a good… it's very good. Now, my mother would cook the roast, and while it was cooking she would pour off the oil into a jar, and then all the lovely juices and everything from the meat she would put into another pot, and she would use those juices to cook with. What do we do; we go and buy olive oil or we buy frying oils. And I have realized that actually it's a massive con. What did we do before olive oil was invented. We used lard. So, what's interesting about olive oil is it boils at the same temperature as water, so actually is no good for frying. So, lard, if you want to do chips, for example, boils at a much higher temperature; so, when you put the chips in, they fry. But I would also suggest – and many chefs say – that beef dripping for French fries is the best. I'm not saying that you should all start eating French fries, but what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to point out how our… how we've been sold down the river by materialism; by being conned that we shouldn't eat butter, for example, that we should eat margarine, and so on and so forth; we all kind of know that now, anyway.

So, in the last month or so I have had a diet of completely fresh food. I haven't had any sugar, I've only drunk water; and I feel amazing. I cannot wait to cook; I spend an hour or an hour and a half everyday cooking. And I will cook chicken breasts and asparagus, and broccoli, and carrots, and I eat quite a bit of rice, because I don't want to eat wheat. And I am just so excited to eat; I'm so excited to cook; and I'm so excited because everything I put into my mouth I know is fresh, is pure as I can get it. And it's absolutely extraordinary. Once you've been doing it… so, I'm not using any sauces; I'm not using any dairy, it's fairly plain; but I do use the juices of the meat which I pour over my rice, and I make egg-fried rice. But I don't use oil and I don't use butter, and I just do it very simply on a lowish temperature. And I'm really shocked at how much non-food I was eating without really realizing it; and I think that's the thing that's so shocking. Also I started to watch the adverts on TV. How often do you see broccoli advertised. Never. You might see once a year turkeys or, meat advertised very rarely, but everything else is full of goodness knows what.

So the other thing that's also very dangerous for us is fish. And the reason you should not eat fish from rivers or farmed fish – you have to eat deep-sea fish; otherwise, they're full of chemicals and mercury. And, that's impacting on everybody's health. And, it's very difficult for the young people to understand that; because, their health is generally pretty good, and their systems can allow a certain amount of abuse. But once you get 50 you start to realize that actually these things are not good for you. And when you get to 60… I always wondered why people in their 40s and 50s seem to gain weight, and when they got to 60 they lost it. And the reason they lost it is because a lot of them had… were getting diabetes and they were told they had to quit alcohol, quit dairy, quit… . So actually if you quit all of those things or you have a lot less of them you will feel a thousand percent better.

So in a way, it's a kind of wake-up call for all of us and I would love to take you shopping whenever you want to. And, we can wander around, compare notes; but, I mean, basically it's pretty simple. This is what you buy and that's what you ignore.

And also the other thing that I've realized is that we are being poisoned by the air, with what we're breathing. So there is so much lead in the air that we breathe. So, our bodies are being attacked in so many different ways. And, what's so crazy about it is that I would say now, with the experience I've had this summer, that probably 60 or 70 percent of the illnesses could be solved if people just had a better diet. So, the other thing I would say too, is that anything that becomes unedible in three days is good for you. In other words, if you buy broccoli it lasts three days. And after three days you don't eat what's left of it, you throw it away. So anything that's fresh has much more nutrition in it. And the fresher it is the better. So, you could ask me, Are you getting enough of sugar. Well, I eat fruit and there's plenty of sugar in fruit. I don't drink tea and never really have done. I don't drink coffee, impossible. So, am I getting enough fat. Well yes, I eat chicken, there's fat in it; I eat meat, probably at least once a day. And then I also looked back at what people ate in the 50s… 40s and 50s. Of course it’s… in the war there was rationing; so everybody was fairly healthy. There was no obesity, there was no diabetes. So the food was rationed and what they had was wholesome; there wasn't packet food, there wasn't all of this… TV dinners and such like. And when I think about my parents’ generation they used to have breakfast and they would have things like kidneys and bacon, they would have kippers; we have cereal full of sugar and we eat loads of bread, but they didn't. They didn't eat sandwiches for lunch because they had proper food; and they had tea in the afternoon, they'd have scones, with jam; and they would have rhubarb pie, but made with proper ingredients; not bought off the shelf with tons of other stuff in it.

So cooking has really changed and I feel that we need to change it back. So, it doesn't mean to say that it needs to become boring – not in a slightest. I would say the reason I'm so excited about food now is that I spend time… I've stopped ordering my shopping via a delivery; I go to the supermarket two or three times a week, and I buy fresh food; and I really look forward to walking through those doors and looking at what I've bought, because I know it's going to make me better and healthier. I need less sleep, I have much more energy; what can I say. And what am I doing – I'm just eating fresh food. I'm not doing anything else and it is absolutely extraordinary.

So tonight for me is a celebration in lots of ways. I want to reinvigorate that; and so tonight I spent an hour at home preparing dinner for you which we will eat. So you can get an idea of what I'm doing; and it was a great fun, wasn't it. We had a great time. So, we did it together, we all cooked and, that's what we should do now for the meetings. So I'm preparing the food and offering it to you, and paying for it because I want to. And it's such an amazing gift that we have, and I can't believe I spent most of my life not realizing that fact myself.

So, tonight I pray that we can change the world and we can change people's eating habits, and people will become much healthier, our governments will have to spend a lot less money on health, and people will be much healthier as they get into their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, because we will want to look after ourselves. And,  even when I look back when I was at boarding school… okay, for breakfast we had eggs and bacon every day, and we had fried bread, and we had tomatoes, and we had toast. But, for lunch we had to sit at a dinner table with a teacher at the end of each table and we… okay, it was a private school, admittedly; but we were served and they would bring, meat and vegetables, and potatoes, and we would serve ourselves. And then they would bring roly poly pudding with custard and apple crumble with custard. But it was food; it was healthy food.

So I think you should all do what I did is have a look and see what we ate as children; what people ate in the 40s and 50s – it's extraordinary. Because it's so good; and where did we go wrong. And there are some videos on YouTube which are really quite funny because they… show you the diet in the forties, then the 50s, then the 60s, and then the 70s, then the 80s, and you can see – oh, my God suddenly, everything changed. And I think we were kind of conned into things, thinking that they were healthy, but actually they're not. And what does the ... food industry want us to do. It wants us to become addicted to carbohydrate, addicted to sugar, so we buy more of it. The drug companies are very happy about that. Because we all get sick, we go to the doctor, and they prescribe us loads of drugs which make it even worse. So, next time you go shopping, guys. I'll be standing behind you; so I'm gonna watch what you put in your trolleys. And just think about it, though.

And I thought at the beginning, not having any sauces; I love barbecues – now I'm having no sauces, keeping things really plain; no dairy, no cooking oil. I thought, it's just… how am I going to cook. How's it going to work. But actually it is the most tastiest food. It is amazing, and you can make it.  I use quite a lot of guacamole;  I just come up with things. I don't eat wheat bread as such; I eat wheated…  sprouted wheat bread, which is a 2000 year old recipe. It's a bit like  eating cake; and I tell you what, I mean, the other day I toasted three pieces, and I scooped out loads of avocados, stuck it on top; chopped up loads of cucumber and stuck it on top – and I just ate that, and it was amazing, but so simple: no butter, no mayonnaise – just the taste of the cucumber, the taste of the avocado, and the taste of the sprouted wheat bread. And let me tell you, in the morning I nearly always have fruit, but occasionally, if I'm hungry, I'll have a couple of slices of that with a tiny bit of honey drizzled on it – and it is amazing, you'll love it; I'll bring some loaves so we can try it. In fact, they might be delivered tomorrow, in which case we can have a bit after the meeting.

And this last summer has taught me that what I've learned and what I've now understood about cooking is really so important, and it has given me an invigoration. My children say, God, what you're doing, dad, in the kitchen again. I mean, what are you doing now. Oh, I'm just cutting the vegetables. And, I always found cooking a chore, but now I can't actually wait for 12:30 to come; so I go and prepare, because it takes a bit of time. And I would also say that anything that is prepared by human hand has got to be so much better for us than anything that's prepared in a factory or from an outlet. Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't go to McDonald's once a month or to have Kentucky Fried Chicken occasionally, but I certainly won't be eating it very often now.

Because we want everyone to be okay, we want everyone to be healthy, we want everyone to become full of energy, to be excited about the most menial things in their life.” So for me cooking with you guys tonight was an absolute joy, wasn't it. I mean, it was so much fun.

Thank you very much.

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