I have very bad dyslexia and I can’t tell you how difficult it is to cope as a child at school, as the education system destroys dyslexics, because they don’t understand just how sensitive and subtle a human being they are.

But I always feel that if a dyslexic can get through schooling and survive with some confidence still intact then they will go on to be creative entrepreneurs. But you know, they say that if there weren’t dyslexics in the world, we would be a hundred years behind where we are now.

So dyslexics have the ability to speed up evolution because their minds are not rigid. People who don’t have dyslexia, normally conform and have very rigid routines. Dyslexics have open photographic minds where they see the world from a different and exciting perspective and they will always do things differently to normal people which is what gives them a creative advantage once they leave school.

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