Communication is so important. It is about sharing and accepting and understanding one another on a new level of consciousness, which is rather than think about the needs of others, it’s about feeling what we need together. And through our feelings we will communicate and collaborate in a new exciting way for the future of our world.

When I’m talking to people I always feel what it is I need to say to help them and make them feel happy about themselves. We can make one another feel comfortable and happy, and to communicate with an open heart changes how people will feel about one another.


My life is all about communication, communication can also be the silent bond between human beings, where you can communicate in silence, as Love is the silent bond between all of us.

I find whenever I’m out shopping, I always speak to the cashier, ask where they’re from, if they’re having a good day, whether they've had lunch yet and have a joke, always with a smile on my face. And it’s amazing how people respond.


The Importance Of Communication


Society Must Be Run By The People

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