A Revolution On Education

The Truth


Chapter 17,  Our Children

Sunday, 28th June 2015, West Sussex, England Recorded live


I am determined to create The School Of Realisation which I have spoken about in the other books. I am going to change the name, as I don’t like the word school, to A Life of Creativity. This is where I have pictured a large warehouse with white painted floor boards, white walls and my large New England white and oak dining tables and chairs. Within this space there will be everything the children need to be creative. We will have an area with computers, iPads, with the right lighting. An area with paints, paper and canvasses for art. An area with wood, card board, materials for building and creating. There will be table tennis, pool tables, a basketball pitch which can double as a five a side football pitch. There will also be a stage with musical instruments, a piano, guitars, a drum set and a karaoke system and an area for the children to dance. We will also create a kitchen area with several different islands for the children to prepare their lunch each day, so they can learn how to cook and look after themselves. We will create a cosy area with sofas and easy chairs with a large TV-Screen, so that the children can watch documentaries and movies together and have time to relax.


There won’t be teachers as such, but adults to guide the children. Children are very capable of teaching themselves if you create the right environment and provide them with all the necessary equipment and freedom. The children will be put into groups but not of the same age, but mixed ages, so that within each group the older children can learn to help and guide the younger ones. The parents will also be encouraged to participate and enjoy the creativity that we will all share together.


It would also be nice to have the older children of parents who have left school and college to be involved and help to guide the children with cooking, playing sports activities like basketball, football and dance. Every other week we will have a meeting with all the children and parents, so that we can all be together.


We would also create an outside space for growing vegetables and playing sports. The parents would be encouraged to take the children for great walks up on the South Down’s, and to the to different beaches, where they can learn how to swim, to sail and to play rounders together. We would have picnics and barbecues with an old fashioned discotheque where everyone can dance together. The children will be allowed to wear whatever they like, as long as it is colorful and practical.


What I feel is so lacking within our society, is that people no longer do anything together. I want to create a loving and learning environment for all of us to share together with joy, love, creativity, spontaneity, a feeling of belonging, a feeling of trust and mutual respect.


The children’s education will be completely rounded as they will learn and understand all aspects of life rather than a rigid subject’s system. We will create a flexible time table, so that the school fits in with the parent’s lives and we will have some sport sessions in the evening, so the parents can join in. The children will then be much better prepared to face the world and to become parents themselves.


I want the children to feel, they can’t wait to spent another day together, creating, enjoying and fulfilling their lives with self-confidence, self believe and self-motivation. And leave each day with a feeling of total satisfaction. 

Excerpt from The Absolute, Chapter 42 - Our Children


“Something that’s been tearing me apart for a while now is the state of the World. Behind the glossy exterior is a world of desperation, a world of decay, and most of the time we pretend it doesn’t exist. We still keep living in the illusion that everything is all right, that the mess we’ve created is normal, that the inner cities of this country, England, and the World are normal. The desperation of our children is so desperate and so desolate, born into a world with no love, but just aggression.


So my desire is especially to give young people purpose, but purpose from within them, to give the children back their power, to get rid of expectation from their parents making them do things because we want them to, come what may. But we now have the power of feeling, and so you have to feel what is good for your children, what is right for them, and have no expectation. It doesn’t matter; they will be fine.”

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