How to become your True Self

... And also if you have children, it’s also very important that if you’re okay, they’ll be okay.  If you’re not okay they won’t be okay.  And it’s not easy; children are the hardest to look after. Be better if we just swapped children then they would be better behaved. So the negativity is always there to have a go at you. It’s always there to stop you.  But the stronger you become; the more of the self you are, the less the negativity can get at you. But also, if you get in a mess, you must always look back at your day and figure out where it came from.  When did I start feeling a bit funny.  As soon as you realise where it came from — oh it’s the person in the supermarket that fell over and instead of me helping them up, I got caught up, and I came home with it. So you realise that, it’s gone, finished.  So you know, when I work on you, I say to you so what’s the matter, where’s it come from, what is your relationship like with your mother or your husband or your...  and we slowly drill back and figure out where the negativity has come from in your life.  Then what I do is try and get you to realize that, and that takes a bit of time.  Once you start realising that, then slowly you start to see.  Then you start to see how your trains of thought lead you back to certain situations that have happened, which then get you in a mess again.


The most important thing to realise is the past is the past; it’s finished; it doesn’t exist.  So anything that happened to you – oh I wish I hadn’t done that yesterday, or I wish this hadn’t happened to me in my childhood...  It’s easy to become negative, but actually, everything that has happened to all of us; how many times have I said this; is for a reason—to drive you to want to know the Truth, to drive you to me and to Mother. So everything that’s happened to us is actually positive if you look at it in the right way.  And the negativity is really boring, really, isn’t it, come on.  You just have to laugh at it and it’s gone.  Again, part of becoming your own guru, is to recognize what’s happening around you in your life and to make it better.  So that’s your responsibility — is every moment of the day – how am I feeling; am I okay; did something happen.


The more you meditate – don’t forget how to meditate – just do this; that’s it...; nothing to do.  The more you meditate, the more your Sahasrara opens. So it’s like this in the beginning and then it goes...pushing back the ego, pushing back the superego, until there isn’t any superego or ego and you can’t think, even if you want too.  That’s where you’ve got to come into.  And once you come into that space, then everything you do is from your heart, as your heart moves to the Sahasrara.  So, any decision that you have, whether it’s which cereal to buy, which parking space to park in, which seat to sit on in the meeting, everything, every minor detail, your Spirit is going; sit there; and your ego’s going; no don’t sit there, sit over there.  Did you hear your spirit, or did you listen to your ego.  How many times do I say to you, what did you feel in that moment.  People go, I’m not sure what I felt.  No, go back to when you first met somebody or you first walked into the room.  Your heart would have said sit there, park there; it’s doing it 24/7.   You are either listening or you’re not listening. Once you start to listen, it’s great, because then you don’t waste all this energy thinking.  What am I going to do tomorrow; I don’t know. What am I going to talk about tonight; I’ve no idea.  What did I say to you in the car; I’ve no idea what I’m going to talk about tonight.  I didn’t know I was going to do a Guru Puja until 3 days ago.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but my heart tells me. Am I worried; no. Are you worried; no.  But how lovely is it not to worry.  It doesn’t matter. I could just sit here and say nothing; it doesn’t matter, does it.  You won’t mind.  So, this is the beauty of life.


So if that’s what you feel, and when you look at my Books, how much Truth is there.  It’s incredible.  I pick up a Book and I read it, and think, how is this possible, where did these come from.  There is so much truth there.  So you need to have an appetite for that.  The more appetite you have for the Truth, the stronger you’ll become, the more of a guru you will become.  But you know it’s also not about showing off or anything. Again when I meet people, they have no idea.  I don’t say anything about myself.  All I want to do is know about them and know what I can do to help.  That’s the only thing I want, nothing else. 


So if that’s what you have in your heart, then you’ll never come across any obstacles, because that’s what the Deities want, and that’s what Shri Ganesha wants.  I love this world. I love my life. I love Elmer. I love swimming in the sea....

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