The Truth about World Banking System

The main problem with the world right now is debt and debt is created by the banking system. The banking system was first set up when the kings and queens of our nations started to run out of money. So private banks were created to lend money to the monarchs. And the banks said to the kings and queens, if you want to borrow money from us, we can lend you the money but you’ll have to pay interest. The banks insisted that the interest on the loans was paid back by all the people in the country in the form of taxation. This is how taxation was created in the first place.

One of the most important things is that the whole banking system should be nationalised. So back in 1993, I realised that we should have national banks in each of our countries, which would set good interest rates for bank accounts and credit cards. But the situation we find ourselves in now is that all the banks are privately owned by very few people, so the Bank of England, the Bank of Germany, the Bank of France, the Bank of Italy, the Bank of Spain, the Bank of America (The Federal Reserve), the European Bank and the World Bank. And so all of these banks work together and charge high-interest rates to our governments, which in turn creates high taxation all over the world and enormous debt. But there are certain countries in he world where that doesn’t happen.

Three or four years ago, I was sitting watching the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and I felt why don’t they pay tax. How is it possible they don‘t pay tax. So I started looking into it. What I found out was there are countries in the world, for example Jersey, Guernsey, Monte Carlo, Caiman Islands, Andorra, Bermuda, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man and the British Virgin Islands where the people pay very little tax. For example, in Monte Carlo, there is no income tax and in Bermuda, it is five and a half percent. In all of these countries, if they want to build public services like hospitals, schools, airports, roads, etc, they just print the money themselves, so there is no debt, no interest and no taxation as they own their own national banks. But what do we do in England is, we ask the Bank of England for a loan to build roads, airports, hospitals etc, and then the Bank of England lends the government the money at an interest rate of between two and eight percent. This is the same in every other country where every pound, every euro, every dollar that is created in the system is already in debt. If I talk to bankers about this, they say, yes but if you print the money, it will devalue the pound. But as we have already so much debt, is the pound worth anything anyway.

I decided to look into world banking in more detail. At the time of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was desperate to keep the United States together as one country. To achieve this, he needed to borrow five hundred million dollars from the federal reserve, which was and still is, privately owned. President Lincoln then asked the federal reserve for a loan and they said he would have to pay twenty four percent interest on the loan. Then one of President Lincoln‘s advisers suggested that he should just print the money himself via the government. So they printed 500 million dollars which are known as Greenbacks. By using this money, President Lincoln was able to end the American Civil War and to keep America as one country. The Russians also supported President Lincoln by sending their navy to San Francisco as they were also frustrated by the private world banking system. The bankers, later on, caused the Russian Revolution as they were so annoyed that the Russians had supported President Lincoln. The Russians have always been our allies, even at that time and also in the first and second world wars, and in fact still are, but the establishment within America and Europe always wants to treat Russia as our enemy, to create fear to control the people of the western world. Eventually, President Abraham Lincoln was shot by the American establishment. President John Kennedy also passed a law in the sixties to take away the rights from the federal reserve and for the American government to print the dollar so the American government would have no loans and the dollar would be interest-free. President Kennedy was then shot before this bill came into effect and then it was revoked after his death by the American establishment. So the one simple thing that we need to do is to get rid of all government and personal debt. The only way we can do that is for people to realise that all of the banks are privately owned, even if they don‘t seem to be.

We are all held to ransom by this banking system and kept in a position of control by debt. Donald Trump has said that if he becomes president he will audit the federal reserve so we can all see what part the federal reserve played in befooling us. Let’s see if Donald Trump gets elected. Also, the stock markets of the world have been created as gambling dens because shares can be bought and sold in milliseconds. It would be far better to have a system whereby if you buy shares in a company you would have to keep them for a minimum of three years, this would stop share manipulation and gambling and create a more stable business environment.

So can you imagine the world that we will create, a Brexit for each European country so there will be no european union, each country standing for its own values and culture, no privately owned national banks and very little taxation.

This is my desire tonight, onwards and upwards we go.

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