“Suddenly I feel free. Rules have ceased to exist, and all the old conditionings of life are vanishing. There is no time or limitations. No anxiety, just new dimensions of existence. What are human qualifications, without divine intuition and divine connection? In this consciousness I feel immortal, ever young and getting younger.


Age and old age don’t exist any more. Ageing is just another conditioning. There is no fear, only fear in other people. God has everything and desires nothing. It is a strange world we have created, of conformity. There is now only one way forward but it seems a tall order. I feel I am turning into light now. It doesn’t feel frightening. In this state there are no problems, only solutions. I look in the mirror but I don’t see myself.

There is no doubt that life will ever be the same again. Nothing is more important than devoting time to experience what is happening to me, although I feel it will be difficult to exist in two lives - but I know the Divine Mother will help me.

Reflecting on that night, I realise that for some years I had an overwhelming desire welling inside me to tangibly understand the truth about life. And then - here I am, still Nick, still leading a normal existence, yet whenever I desired I could go into this new-found experience of awareness and consciousness. As if it was a gift from creation itself."

Excerpt from So Daisy's Really Are Made In Heaven, Chapter 1 - Awakening

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