Angels and Visions

"It all started late one summer evening. I was sitting with my friend Abi and we were talking about relationships between people. As we spoke, I began to feel elated, that love was unconditional and everlasting, and that it is possible to love everyone and everything. My heart was opening. I was filled with joy and bliss, and the music was so soothing. Suddenly a light appeared through the front door, entered the room and turned into a divine personality.

A Mother, a beautiful Mother. The Primordial Mother.

Mother is everywhere, sitting in the armchair, towering over the house. The room is filled with angels and there are deities bowing at her feet. My body feels light, without any stress or strain, as if I am disconnected from it. The top of my head has opened, I feel completely in the moment and totally connected to heaven. Inside me are waves of eternal joy, I feel part of the whole. There is light pouring from this Primordial Mother into my heart and from my heart into Abi’s heart and then back to mine again.

There is a frenzy of activity and movement, and the roof of the house has opened. There is light pouring out of the house, and it is no longer on the earth, as if it is ascending to heaven. There are angels moving up and down the spiral staircase and the staircase seems to go on forever. They are dressed in white, pure and innocent, transparent, and they are so beautiful."

Excerpt from So Daisy's Really Are Made In Heaven, Chapter 1 - Awakening

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