How To Love Yourself

It’s not an easy thing, actually to love yourself. Partly because we judge ourselves, but, you know as I’ve tried to explain to you, I mean, look at everybody in this room; we’re all so different. We all look different, we all behave differently, and to me that’s what’s so beautiful and sowonderful. And you know your life passes you by and then you look at old pictures of yourself and say, God, I was actually quite attractive when I was young. And you know, we kind of missed it and all the time we’re missing it; you know, we’re not here.


So, of course, once you stop thinking then it makes it a lot easier to love yourself because you’re no longer the person that you had created, youk now. But it’s very important to love yourself, because that gives you a power and a gravity; which is beautiful in itself. And it’s very important to feel that and to become that and it’s everybody’s right, really. It’s everybody’s right to love yourself; you have to, it’s so important. And it’s not something you think about. I don’t… You don’t think, Oh I love myself, you know. You just… it’s something different. And as I’ve said before, love is something completely different to what we think it is. It has so many dimensions and dynamics, that why would we want to spend our talents, and our lives, not liking ourselves. And everybody has so many qualities. I mean when you sit at a table with people and you look around the room, and you think, how did God make everybody so different; that everybody had something to do in the world. And everybody has different interests. I mean it’s extraordinary.

So we are incredibly special. And it’s such an important thing to realise. And to also realise in other people.

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