My Love Of France, Sainte Maxime

Friday 16th September, 2016.

I’ve had my attention on France now for about 3 weeks and it’s actually incredibly fascinating when you really put your attention into a country and feel all the people and you feel all the different nationalities. But the one thing that I really felt was that there was something disjointed, something lacking. So I feel like I’m bringing my heart to France and that we will give France more heart. It was interesting when we got to the departure lounge today, and there were lots of French people waiting to get on the plane and it was so silent; I was really shocked. I looked at all these French people, I thought, God, how amazing,  how lovely; very well dressed, very stylish; but also they were very quiet which I was surprised actually.

It was interesting too when we landed at Nice; it actually felt quite heavy and quite confused. I was a little bit shocked, a bit taken back really, because it’s so different to England.  I know that I live in West Sussex and I don’t really go out of West Sussex, so the vibrations in West Sussex have this depth and a very nice feeling about it. So, it was quite strange for me, because I haven’t really been to many countries other than the Canary Islands really for the last maybe 5 years. So I felt, slightly shocked at the vibrations and then as we turned off the motorway and started to head down towards Sainte Maxime, I suddenly felt Shri Ganesha, and the vibrations changed completely. And then, as we drove on down to Sainte Maxime, I was just amazed how the vibrations changed.

Shri Ganesha is actually standing above us right now.  There is a real power of Shri Ganesha here in the South of France and particularly here. For me to come here, to Sainte Maxime after 50 years, and look across at Sainte Tropez and think, well it hasn’t really changed; okay, there’s a couple of hotels, but not really, it hasn’t really changed; it’s incredible. When you smell the pine trees, you suddenly realise that France has an abundance of beauty and natural resources. So I feel that by having this meeting, this weekend, we will really re-establish the qualities of Shri Ganesha.  For me it’s interesting because I could tell you lots of things that aren’t great about France, but I don’t want to do that; I want to tell you lots of things that are great about France. And underneath is a fantastic heritage and way of life which has been eroded, and you know my feelings about the EU and Brexit. So what I felt was that, what France has or had, is this unique way of life; which in some ways, I felt I needed to turn the clocks back to allow the true nature of France to come shining back through, because it somehow has been kind of lost. And I looked, on the internet, a bit, about the South of France and I felt the passion for music, for art, for woodwork for pottery…..  

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