England Is The Heart Of The Universe

The Spirit, The Heart and England. England is enormously important as it is the Heart of the Universe. And that brings Me to the political situation and our frustration with England leaving the European Union. And you can quite clearly see the battle between separating the Heart from, you could say, the Nabhi or the Void of Europe and allowing England to be its true self; and, of course, all the other countries in the world also have to be free to be able to be their true selves.

So, the European Parliament is in Brussels which is the left Nabhi; so it’s like the negativity comes through the left Nabhi to try and crush the Spirit, and we know that inside our own systems. So, I’m talking about the System of God now, but also our own reflection of our own inward systems. The European Parliament also has Parliament Departments in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and in Frankfurt. So, it’s a very closely knit negative force which is there to control all the people of Europe.

So, My Desire is for England to separate as fast as possible from Europe, so that the Heart can breathe to every country of the world and not be restricted to just Europe; because if it is like that – it won’t work. We have to be pumping our vibrations into every country, being able to trade with every country, deal with every country, love every country, understand every country and not be isolated in this United States of Europe where all of our decision making is made in Brussels by unelected M.E.P.s.

So, it’s really important that you feel this inside yourself; you can see the battle, you can feel it, you know. The Nabhi is dragging us down all the time, making us feel the mundane human things, whereas our Spirit is desperately trying to allow us to become free and to be able to feel everything that we need to feel.

I mean, something like seventy percent of all the new inventions are created in England; most of the music and fashion – originally, in the sixties, anyway. And we need to have that individuality back; so, it’s not that we become overly nationalistic, it’s just that we should be happy to be English, and the French should be happy to be French, and the Germans should be happy to be German. And when we go to these countries we feel that beautiful difference between ourselves instead of just being – Europe.

So, I pray tonight that we will all desire and feel together, that it’s so important for the Heart of God to be separate; to be able to grow, to be free. And for the true people of England who voted for Brexit to finally get what they’ve asked for, even though the establishment is desperately trying to destroy Brexit. And it’s all the establishment of people who are basically paid landowners by Europe. They’ve all got pensions from Europe, they’ve been ambassadors in Europe, they’ve… – all these people which are in the House of Lords – they’ve gone totally against the people of this country; they had said that they are stupid and they didn’t know what they were voting for; that the Lords know better. Well, I mean, this is the destruction of humanity in My view.

So, it’s really important that we feel the love of the people. This is about the people; it’s not about Parliament or Michael Banner, or all these people. It’s about the love of our country. So, I want you to feel this inside because it’s so important because that’s the battle that I’ve been talking about, the left Nabhi. And it must be difficult for people who live in Belgium, you know. I feel that but we have to fight now together; you have to come and understand Me, every word I say about these things because it’s so important for the future of the world.

So, the other thing that’s important is that it’s My Birthday on… is it Monday? I think it’s Monday, the fourteenth. And on the fifteenth, there’s a big change in the Sky, which will be with us for between twenty-six and twenty-nine years, which is a real Dynamic Power. It’s known as the Awakening. So, I told you that things are going to happen and I would let you know what is going to happen slowly as time evolves through this summer. It’s a really tremendous releasing Freedom Power. And that’s why the last few months have been so difficult, because, you know, to actually allow us to have that we’ve got to love ourselves; without that how can we have this Dynamic Feeling and this Awakening, we can’t. So the last few days coming up, the next few days you’re going to hang on in there. So, keep calm, don’t do too much, but the pressure is really there. And as you can see around the world – in military circumstances, the volcanoes everywhere – it’s really coming to a head. But after that, we must feel together that the Spirit will be free and that you will have this new Power of being Dynamic.

I pray so hard every day, you know, for the world, for the people; that all the terrible things that are happening to all of us will be exposed. And I’ve spoken a lot about how I feel society must be; it must be localized, everything – schools, hospitals – they must be run locally, not by governments but by the people of each town. And then you get the society that cares, and you get a society that wants to do well for the people that it supports. And it’s interesting we can see that here in Bognor, at the hospital, which I’ve talked about quite a lot recently. But I had to go there this week and it’s extraordinary how amazing it is because they are so kind, they want to help, there seems to be quite a lot of volunteer people as well, and it’s not like going to the big hospitals where, you know, you’re kind of have to wait hours and, you know, nobody has any time for you.

So, this is the society that we have to create. First of all England must be free, it has to be free. And it has to be allowed to trade with all the countries in the world; this is so important. Because then the love from the Heart spreads. And it’s My Heart and My Love. And then we’ll have peace. Without the Heart pumping and supplying love to all the countries of the world it’s very difficult for there to be peace. So, England actually has to stand alone.

So, today we should re-establish Jerusalem and feel the Deities’ love for all of us as we stand for the truth. So, please keep reading the Books aloud, keep sending Me bits of Them, because the more we do that, the more the Truth rises. But it’s a big battle at the moment, really, really tough, and particularly for English people because they are being trodden on by this ludicrous situation we’ve been made an example of to the rest of Europe.

So, it’s important also to speak the truth, so whether people like it or not. We have to support this wherever we are, whoever we are talking to; don’t get into arguments but just say that’s what you believe and then you say to people – just wait and see. Just like I said with Trump: “Wait and see”.

So, this is how it is; I’m always welcome for you to ask Me questions about these subjects because it’s so important. And today in Parliament was a big thing about banking and how awful it is, and how they once again ruining people’s lives. And when you think the English Government bailed them out by something like a hundred and sixty billion pounds and not one person who is investigated or went to prison – it’s the biggest rip off in the world.

So, for Me, My life is about people and caring, you know, and loving, and wanting everyone to thrive in a way that’s fair.

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