The Deities

17th Nov 2018

... but you know the Deities are extraordinary and They’re so amazing because They’re not human. So Their qualities are so different to human qualities. So if there’s one thing I’d like you feel tonight, is the qualities of the Deities in a way which shows you an alternative to the way you exist, the way you think, the way you are. But you know to do that you have to allow; you have to allow time and space within yourself, within your life, within those moments. And like for me tonight, I have to wait for them to be ready, to be here and they come absolutely at the last minute; very fast they come racing in, but only when we’re ready.

And Shri Ganesha is very active now. I’ve never seen Him so active and He’s active for you. I’m active for you, so you need to feel that childlike tricks that He plays on people, plays on your ego. How wonderful it is, because without the Divine tricks we would never learn anything, we would never move forward; we would never see another way. And Shri Ganesha is very forthright. He knows everything. He has never any doubt at all. So now you have no doubt at all and He’s very happy. They’re all very happy.

And then you have Shri Kartikeya and am I allowed to talk about Shri Kartikeya, I don’t know if I am. Maybe, we’ll hear a bit about Shri Kartikeya later. But He is the Commander in Chief, like no other Commander in Chief. Nobody could be like Shri Kartikeya because He’s not how you imagine him to be. He’s very cute, very clever, very precise too. Very hard working.

I’d like for the Deities to become far more active now, but you know, They can only become active through your desire now. So you have to really desire that They work for the Truth, for the Goodness that we talk about, that we share.  So They’re dependant on your desire. So, it’s like the Divine has to work with humanity. If They didn’t work with humanity, They’d just be finished with it. So the Deities, They really want to work for us and your desire is so important. You know all the things I talk about, when you leave tonight, when you leave the Meetings, and when you meditate tomorrow, you should just feel, what is it that Nick is talking about. Where are we going now. What is it that we really desire. And of course, we desire for the Truth to come out in every situation and for everyone to be happy in the world. But I feel now your desire should be for the Deities to really help us, They are waiting to help and it’s taken a long time to get to this point.

So, when William Blake walks in I always just feel this amazing feeling of creativity. The way He talks, the way He speaks is just so incredible, it’s so different to how humans talk. I must bring my book and read a little bit to you; so dignified, so creative. And you know this is His place, this is His county, this is where He lived and when you walk in Felpham, you walk with Him. When you walk down Blake’s road, from His house, He’s with you. Can you imagine that beach, there’s now buildings and there’s a promenade, but if you look at pictures of when He was there, it was a little bit more like the beach at West Beach at Littlehampton. So a little bit of sand and with grass growing, fields. So if you could imagine him sitting amongst the sand dunes.

So, we’re so lucky to be able to feel the Deities in this way and for Them to be present here tonight. And you know, when I see Shri Hanuman, who is always quite distant in a way, because He’s so powerful. He doesn’t want to knock the building over, so he always stands outside, somehow, looking in. And His qualities are power and kindness, are gentleness; are just amazing.

And then we’re in the land of Lord Shiva. I mean what can I say about Lord Shiva, really. I mean what I love about Lord Shiva is, He isn’t getting involved. He’s just there, silent, watching, like the Father; He watches you. And you know, He loves you very much because He’s your heart and this is the Heart; we’re in the Heart of the Universe; His Heart. I mean, whenever you come to England, you have to touch the ground. You should touch the ground and then touch your heart. It’s so important, that respect, to feel, that you’re allowed to live in England, really. Are you allowed to live in England, I mean; it’s amazing. And you know His love for the rest of the world and for the people, the people, the true people of this world, is unimaginable. Does He want anyone to suffer. No. So He is the silence within you, within me, within our lives and you know there’s not enough silence. Everything makes a noise. Electricity makes a noise. I can hear in my house the electricity running through the plug sockets. So the silence is hard to find; real silence.

And then you have Shri Krishna. I mean, be careful. So Shri Krishna is the One who tells you off. He’s the One that is very commanding, very strong, very powerful. And He’s the One that really wants to destroy your ego, to get rid of it. You have to realise that I’m here, now, and your ego doesn’t like me really, not at all. But you have to listen and you have to listen with your heart and then when you want to speak, you have to speak like Shri Krishna. You have to feel what it is you should say to me, how you should say it. It’s so important now. You know, yesterday is the past, today is a new day. From today everything changes. Every single day I wake up, everyday changes. Every day we get that bit closer. But it’s nothing to be frightened of, it’s just what you have to feel in your heart. The Deities are so respectful of one another, it’s extraordinary. They would never do anything to upset or hurt each other, ever. So this is how we have to be. And they particularly will never upset me. Okay, I have to work for Them, for you. And sometimes I have to work incredibly hard, and you’ve seen me work at you, to get Them to accept that we can keep going; carry on, that you can come to the Meeting. If you don’t come to the Meeting, who is saying you can’t come to the Meeting. Is it me or is it Them; or is it both. So, it’s even hard for me to describe Shri Krishna. He’s that illusive, really. He doesn’t really like to be seen so much, so when He comes to see me, my goodness, I’m ready to hear what He has to say, So, He’s here tonight. I can’t even look really, He’s that powerful.

Okay, and then we have Lord Jesus Christ. ...He’s very open; very demanding in a way. And you know, we’re coming in to this period now – Christmas – and it’s a sad state of affairs really, that we’re supposed to celebrate Lord Jesus Christ’s life by indulging in ways that He would not approve of, at all. So perhaps on Christmas Day we should have a bit of sprouted wheat bread and forgo this banquet. Okay, He says we can have a banquet if we want. But you know, what is it really about; what is the point. It drives everybody crazy, we all then spend much too much money and then we spend the rest of the year paying it off, having to work harder. So it’s crazy, it’s mad. But you know, the other thing I always feel when He appears to me; He doesn’t appear that much to be honest, is just how kind and gentle He is. I mean, you have to remember, the Deities have seen it all. The ego will only destroy God, there’s no way out. So that’s why we have to get rid of ego. And you know the ego will go, it has to go; it has no place in the world anymore. And we have to evolve to a point where we know everything, we understand everything, and we understand each other, on a level of love and forgiveness that has never been seen before. Just as I describe the Deities, is the same.

Then of course, we have Mother. Now Mother is really taking a backward step and saying to us, “I have brought you here”. Without Mother we wouldn’t be here. Mother creates everything; the Universe, the sky, the frost, the sea; all of these beautiful things Mother creates, and you and me, Mother has created….

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