This is a great live version of Noah Gallagher performing Don't Look Back in Anger

It's a beautiful day every day so enjoy your life as it goes so fast live for this moment no past, no future, this minute is now

So Robbie at Glastonbury and Angels so wonderful….Love it…

This is amazing, different rock stars talking about Freddie Mercury and his success with Queen and Live Aid…

So Coldplay at Glastonbury this is one of their very best song and at Glastonbury it is the best thank you Coldplay for your love and hard work…

I just love this song it has a lovely light upbeat positive feeling and the lyrics are so cool. And I love the video it has the great American Saturday night feel

Well what can I say about Freddie his stage presence and power of his voice. The way he moves around the stage and the crowds reaction is the best.

The mixture of Pearl Jam's  hard rock with Neil Young's distinctive guitar playing and his elevating energy bring them all into his unique zone of music. Just see how you feel as they play as one. 

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