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Please Read about the Amazing Life of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Information about Nick Burrin's Books and Nick's Amazing Experiences with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


I want people to understand The Truth about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Life and to realise the whole truth about The Incarnation of The Adi Shakti. This is why my books are so important, as they explain the whole Truth about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Life in great detail. 

My books explain the Truth about sahaja yoga. 

It is incredibly important for people to realise how badly Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was treated for so many years and in particular from 2004 onwards.

My purpose is to tell the Truth through My Books and My Realisations. This Truth will help humanity now and in the future.

Nick Burrin

FREEDOM Dedicated To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Second Edition


Chapter 12

Presenting So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven To Mother 


Thursday 23 February 2012, West Sussex, England.   

Recorded Live.   


So, in 1994 I started transcribing my experiences to turn them into a book. It took me about two years to complete the book and then I needed a title. Once when I was with Shri Mataji at Shudy Camps (Mother’s House in Cambridge), Mother asked me what I was doing, and I said I wanted to set up a music management company. Mother asked me if I had a name for the company and I said no, and Mother said, “You should call it Daisy’s, after Me, as I Incarnated as Daisy The Cow.” And that’s why cows are sacred in India. Mother would quite often ask people like her doctor to call Mother Daisy if they found it difficult to pronounce Mother’s name. So, I called my first book, So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven.


Then Mother said to me, “You need to explain why it was so important for you to present So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven to Me in person.” After completing So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven in the summer of 1996, I felt I should present the book to Mother. I heard Mother would be arriving in England at Heathrow Airport in a few days’ time. I had not spoken to Mother personally for two years, except when I called Mother at Cabella and told Mother about my experiences. I decided this could be an opportunity to present Mother with So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven. The morning Mother was arriving in England, I placed the book on the passenger seat in my car and drove to Heathrow Airport. The vibrations were just incredible. I felt this was a very important moment in my life for all of us. 

I parked my car in the multi-story carpark and decided to leave the book in the car because I wanted to make sure it was the right moment to present my book to Mother. I made my way to the terminal where Mother would be arriving. There were about 500-600 sahaja yogis all waiting to greet Mother. As Mother came through the terminal, it was decided that we should all gather in the carpark and chairs were provided for Mother and cp to sit on. Then people would individually present their flowers to Mother.   

At that moment, I felt it was the right time to present So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven to Shri Mataji. I ran back to my car and got the book, and by the time I arrived back at the car park, the last person was presenting Mother with their flowers. I quickly made my way through the crowd of people, realising I would be the last person to go before Mother. I knelt before Mother, putting the book in my right hand. Mother took So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven out of my hand. I then felt Mother reading the title, So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven. Mother looked up and smiled at me. Then Mother slowly opened the book and started reading. Then Mother turned another page, and another page, and another page, and Mother took Mother’s time to slowly read from the book. And Mother just kept reading and reading. The Vibrations were amazing, I had never felt Vibrations from Mother like this. I felt Mother was changing from Shri Mataji into The Adi Shakti, into God, in front of me. Then Mother closed the book and looked straight into my eyes and said “Nick, at last not somebody writing about sahaja yoga but writing about God.” Mother then held the book up in Mother’s Right Hand and said, “This book will be published.” I realised Mother had been waiting to receive So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven to read my experiences with Mother and The Deities as God, as Mother had said. 

Eventually, I published So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven in 2010. What’s amazing and important about the book is that it can be read by anyone. The book is about all my amazing experiences with Mother and The Deities appearing to me in all the different places I visited in the summer of 1994. After I presented Mother with So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven, Mother would appear to me on the sofa in my living room and I would read the book to Mother and The Deities aloud. 

So Daisy’s Really Are Made in Heaven is the first time The Truth About God has been explained so clearly for everyone to read.

FREEDOM Dedicated To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Second Edition

Chapter 12 Presenting So Daisy's Really Are Made In Heaven

(also translated into russian)

So Daisy's Are Really Made in Heaven Second Edition

Chapter 1
The Awakening


Sunday night, Abi’s house, London, June 1994


I’m going to try and explain to you a series of experiences that provided answers to all the questions I had ever asked. I go back and forth between the past and present because that is how these events seem to have been taking place.

It all started late one summer evening. I was sitting with my friend Abi and we were talking about relationships between people. As we spoke, I began to feel elated, that love was unconditional and everlasting, and that it is possible to love everyone and everything. My heart was opening. I was filled with joy and bliss, and the music was so soothing. Suddenly a light appeared through the front door, entered the room and turned into a Divine Personality.

A Mother, a beautiful Mother. The Primordial Mother.

Mother is everywhere, sitting in the armchair, towering over the house. The room is filled with Angels and there are Deities bowing at Mother’s Feet. My body feels light, without any stress or strain, as if I am disconnected from it. The top of my head has opened, I feel completely in the moment and totally connected to Heaven. Inside me are waves of eternal joy, I feel part of the whole. There is light pouring from The Primordial Mother into my heart and from my heart into Abi’s heart and then back to mine again.

There is a frenzy of activity and movement, and the roof of the house has opened. There is light pouring out of the house, and it is no longer on the earth, as if it is ascending to Heaven. There are Angels moving up and down the spiral staircase and the staircase seems to go on forever. They are dressed in white, pure and innocent, transparent, and They are so beautiful.

My body feels insignificant. I don’t feel human, but ancient and eternal. My attention feels very powerful, as if it can transform. I am lost in a timeless space. I feel small, humble, clean and pure. Completely clear, absolutely cleansed. The music playing on the stereo is penetrating right through me, as if every note is being played inside me, connecting me to the Universe.

Mother is smiling at me. Mother has closed Mother’s Eyes and has gone into meditation. I can feel this Eternal Mothering Energy inside me, and then coming out of the top of my head like a Bright Light. Mother is asking us to go somewhere, but I don’t know where. I feel goodness and beauty in everyone I think of, as if God has been awakened in all of them.

There are so many things I want to communicate, but I can’t talk. I don’t feel the need to talk any more in this state. It is difficult to imagine a world where everyone is in this Consciousness. It will happen. I can’t express in words what that feels like.

I see my whole life before me.
I see my past,
The beauty of life and happiness.
In this state,
I can feel everything about everyone,
I can go anywhere.
Travel the world with my attention.
All that I feel,
All that I experience,
My whole awareness moves
To verify my realisation.
My attention has the power of light
The Light of The Mother
Awesomely penetrating and cleansing.
Everything can be done for us,
If only we surrender.

Suddenly I feel free. Rules have ceased to exist, and all the old conditionings of life are vanishing. There is no time or limitations. No anxiety, just new dimensions of existence. What are human qualifications, without Divine Intuition and Divine Connection. In this Consciousness I feel immortal, ever young and getting younger.

Age and old age don’t exist any more. Ageing is just another conditioning. There is no fear, only fear in other people. God has everything and desires nothing. It is a strange world we have created, of conformity. There is now only one way forward but it seems a tall order. I feel I am turning into light now. It doesn’t feel frightening. In this state there are no problems, only solutions. I look in the mirror but I don’t see myself.

There is no doubt that life will ever be the same again. Nothing is more important than devoting time to experience what is happening to me, although I feel it will be difficult to exist in two lives – but I know The Divine Mother will help me.

Reflecting on that night, I realise that for some years, I had an overwhelming desire welling inside me to tangibly understand the truth about life. And then – here I am, still Nick, still leading a normal existence, yet whenever I desired, I could go into this new-found experience of Awareness and Consciousness. As if it was a gift from Creation itself.

So Daisy's Are Made In Heaven Second Edition

Chapter 8


Thursday 14th July 1994, 4pm


I know the time has come for even greater revelations. It is strange to feel The Truth so clearly and directly and yet, moments later, to feel so humble, in meditation. So utterly thoughtless and peaceful. At one with myself.

In this state, it is as if I have turned into love. I cannot feel anything but love. The connection is changing. New feelings are emerging that I am finding difficult to express.

The Truth is incredibly penetrating. I can see now that by using The Truth in the right way, one can penetrate people’s hearts, to move, motivate and liberate them, to lift them higher and encompass them in love. Direct Truth is nothing but Absolute Love because Pure Knowledge and Pure Truth are vibrations emanating from The Divine.

Truth is Love and Love is Truth, you cannot change or compromise it, you just eventually become it.

I thank You, Mother, from my heart.
I never knew The Truth could be so powerful,
Beyond all our beliefs and dreams.
Herald The Golden Age!
The time has come to express God’s Love.
That which is done from the heart,
Can change the world.
The heart breathes,
Emitting goodness and love.

Through a desire to please, by sincerely wanting to help one another, our hearts will naturally open and our way of life will change. We don’t even need to ask how this will happen. Perhaps if we know in our hearts that something is going to happen, by simply opening our hearts, then it will happen. Through your own heart, you will awaken and enlighten other people’s hearts.

Sometimes the answers are so obvious that we cannot see them.

Fear has crept into our society and has become the disease of modern life. We fear the very act of loving and caring. Once our heart is closed, fear comes through our ego because we cannot accept love. Our denial of love only adds to our fear. Nowadays we cannot even open the door without asking who is there.

Where does all this fear come from. Perhaps it comes from a lack of motherhood. Without love and nourishment in our family life, our children become fearful. Something that should be so natural – the love between a mother and a child – has for some reason become difficult and problematic. Without that nurturing feminine quality, everything is destroyed.

One of the most beautiful images of western culture is the Virgin Mother with baby Jesus. That image has the capacity to invoke such a feeling of love and compassion and responsibility. Our children are God’s children. We must love and cherish them, so they can grow in a stable environment with open hearts, and no fear to break this cycle. With open hearts, all of that fear would be eradicated and once again, our lives would be full of warmth and understanding.

Self-knowledge comes from a sense of humility. If we are humble, then it is easier to love and if we love, everything works out. But how do we bring this about. How do we emancipate the world. By desiring together that we change. By prayer, by faith, by God, Who is always there to help us, even though we deny God. We pretend that God doesn’t exist, but God does. God wants to help us, all it depends upon, is our own desire.

I pray with my whole heart that people will feel this love and will benefit from it.

I surrender to The Will of God, The Power of the Cosmos.

My desires for The World

My desire is for everyone to be happy, to enjoy themselves and everyone else in the world, to feel everyone's passion and creativity, to understand we are all different and have amazing qualities and everyone wants to know and understand the Truth.

For each country to celebrate its individuality its culture its history its cuisine, allowing each country to have its own sovereignty its own laws and its own money. To change the world, to create a better society, to create a much better education and health system with no taxation, no individual or world debt. This is the Future and My Books explain how.

I would like to inspire the world, to show that anything is possible, and we will change the world together.


By changing ourselves we automatically change the world.

People's experiences who have met Nick Burrin


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Dear Nick

Thank You for saving us again. It is like we are alive again, can feel again, can live again, breathe again. After your email we had the best evening in months. And the best weekend in months. It is like we are alive again. Thank You. Like I could feel the sea again today. Like I could smell the wind again and feel the sun. Thank You for letting me breathe again. To save me. Thank You for everything!

With all my love Jelena



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