Changing Humanity

... and that raises the consciousness; so the truth cuts and does this; and the words raise the consciousness of man, and it's raising really fast. But what I would say is that the one thing that's very irritating about the world is – it doesn't matter what institution you look at – nobody is nice to each other, they don't work well together. The young people are much better at it, but if you look at governments,  they're so horrible to each other; they’re so nasty, particularly the European Union.  Howthey've treated England is beyond me, really; what will happen to these people.

So I pray that this is what changes in the world now; that people start to realize that we have to work together to improve our lives; not to control people, not to take their money but to make everything better and happier for everybody. Can you think of one leader in the world that is nice, that is friendly, is kind. Okay, I would actually say Trump. And the only reason is because he's honest; he may be harsh, but actually what's he doing, he wants the Truth, he wants everybody to have trade. But look at these measly horrible people in Europe, these leaders: Macron, Merkel, May, Juncker; all these people. They’re so miserly, they’re so small-hearted.

So if we have big hearts this will change, these people will go, they'll vanish; look, they're going already. What's going to happen to Macron;  horrible man.

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