The Importance of Communication

Today is the 15th of September, 2018, and tonight we’re going to do a puja to Shri Krishna.  Shri Krishna is absolutely incredible; I mean there are no words to describe Shri Krishna.  His power, the way He is; the way He; very hard using human words to describe the Deity that is so; has so much gravity, has so much presence, is very serious on the one hand and so dynamic. And Shri Krishna is the One who speaks the truth, in a way that everybody can understand. So His Divine diplomacy is beyond question, and His appearance is absolutely magnificent.  And He is the One that gives me the ability to explain the truth in a way that you understand and that you love.


And tonight I want to give you Shri Krishna’s power to know what to do, and what to say, in every situation.  But also it’s now time for you to be more open with the truth and to talk about Me and your life in a way that people will be able to understand.  I have always used My own experiences as a way to get people to understand God; to understand the truth; to understand their own lives.  So people will relate to you if you just explain your experiences. You just explain what happens; how your life has changed; how much better everything has become, and you need to do it in such a way that people then become inquisitive.


Tonight’s puja is also for America.  And America is the Vissudhi; is the throat chakra. So we need to use the power of Shri Krishna now, to expand the truth, our awareness, our understanding of everybody.  We need to be kind.  We need to be considerate.  We need to be understanding and we need to give people love; no matter what it is.


I would say for me, out of the Deities, Shri Krishna is my saving grace, and the reason for that is that He always comes at the most difficult times and He always points me in the right direction and then gives me the strength to realize some of the most difficult things I’ve had to realize.  And sometimes He comes on His chariot, and other time’s He’ll walk straight into the room and my attention is on Him immediately.  So He doesn’t come all the time; it’s hard for me to talk about really because I always know when He comes, when he appears, that the situation means business; He means business.  So we have to use his qualities, so we have to be serious on the one hand, because it’s a serious job, and on the other hand we have to be open and encouraging.  And if you spend time with me, whether it’s in the fish and chip shop today, I always talk to everybody. I want to know about their fish and chip shop, how they cook the chips,  what they like to do, what they don’t like to do.  So it’s really important, because everybody always remembers me, and it’s not for any other reason than; why’s he asks so many questions.  But you know what’s so amazing is, people love to tell you about themselves and that is the power of Shri Krishna.  He’s the One that opens the door.  So we all have to do that now in our everyday life, and it brings so much enjoyment, I can’t tell you.  You know when they were smiling, didn’t you feel the love, amazing. So it doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing.  And I stood at the counter because I wanted to make sure they gave us the right amount of chips and in fact I couldn’t believe how many chips you get for one pound eighty; and they were very beautiful chips.  So, but I’m watching every detail; has he put the right number; we wanted fourteen portions,  has he put the right number of chips in.  When he opened the container I could see him thinking oh my God, is there fourteen, is there fourteen, and he was watching every moment they loaded the chips; and there was plenty of chips.  So I didn’t want him not to have the right number of chips, so I’m watching him, helping him with the chips.  So it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, wherever you are, you can interact, you can make things work; and so many miracles will happen.


So today I also pray for America very deeply, and I’m very pleased you’ve come all the way from America to be here and I feel that you guys, America and Russia will get together and you will solve these problems between your countries.


But you know the truth is difficult for people to understand because it doesn’t appeal to their ego and that’s why we have to now express ourselves in a way that will make them want to become inquisitive; and that’s why it’s important to say how you feel, what’s happened and keep saying it. I remember when I first met somebody who was going to introduce me to Mother and he said to me; do you want to be happy, do you want to know yourself, do you want to become the Spirit; and I thought yes,  in abundance do I.  I mean he didn’t have to say anything else; I was sold.  So actually, if you meet the right people, it’s not difficult to explain what it is they need; and Shri Krishna is here to help you now.  I feel the deities are really keen for us to expand and the angels are there all the time now to help you.  So ask for their help, always; you just have to say come on, please, and whatever it is you need, they’re there to help you and they’re listening all the time.  At this meeting there would be more angels than I could imagine that will come to the meeting and something has changed and that is that when I see the Deities; I see different Deities, starting today I saw Shri Krishna at East Head at West Wittering, and Shri Kartekeya came and then I noticed that I came.  So that’s a bit unusual for me. And then they said “well you know, if You don’t desire Yourself to be there then You won’t be there.” So it was a lovely feeling to see me standing in front of myself.


So we’ve now come full circle really, which means a huge step forward. So that power is within you and it’s there for you to enjoy and to use.  And you must have full confidence.  The Deities give me total confidence, They make me feel totally secure; I don’t worry about anything really, perhaps my children and they always tell you what’s right, what’s to do, how to do it, every little detail.  So you must listen in your heart; you must ask all the time, what would Nick do and the Deities will answer you.  But if you don’t ask they’re not gonna talk.  You have to desire. You have to interact.  You have to grow now.  So you can’t just sit isolated at home, you have to actually say, well hang on a minute, I want this work out, I want to help Nick, I want us to have more people, there must be people out there that we can help and that want to know the truth.  So it’s now our time to desire.  And remember, some of my toughest times, Mother said to me; “do you have more desire than everybody in the world”; so Mother appeared to me and said “do You have more desire Nick, than everybody in the world”, and I said yes and Mother smiled.  And I said because it’s your desire; so of course I have all the desire in the world.  But you see I had to realize that, so you have to realize now that you have that same capacity that same desire.  So it’s now time to expand, to enjoy even more.  I mean, look today, we swam at Elmer, the water was cold,  the wind was coming from the southwest, the sun was shining; I mean you can’t get more beauty, Mother can’t show us more love.  And to swim round the rock and get your certificate at the end that you made it, is a great achievement, and when Shri Krishna is here to help us all.


I really pray in my heart for America ; America is very dear to me; it’s such a beautiful place in such a mess.  So we all have to pray tonight that life for everybody in America will improve; it’s not fair.  They’ve been treated so badly by their governments and presidents and the people are, on their knees, a lot of them; and it’s a horrible thing to see.  But America has tremendous qualities and all the false gurus are finished there now; so it it’s time for America to have a good time; for people to get jobs; for the whole society to improve now. 


So there are still many desires for all of us.  We have to change the banking situation in the world; that’s so important, because then everybody would be debt free. Imagine if we had no debt, all of us, what a life we would have; no, hardly any tax, no debt; everything would become easy, wouldn’t it. How much do we pay in tax every year, I mean it’s so much.  So all of these things are My desire, the desire of the Deities, of Mother, of all the angels; and now they are working day and night for this to come about.  But you have to desire. You have to help. You have to want it. 


So in a way, these, this puja is very much combined, so, you see all the qualities, really before you.  Whether you realize them completely; I’m not sure.  I’m sure you do actually.  And you know the Deities are just wanting to help you so much.  They love you so much, really.


I pray with my heart for mankind because I know how it is. I know how difficult it is. I know how nothing is easy.  But we just have to desire together and keep growing everyday.  I mean, every day I realize something new, every day something happens, every day I understand my relationship with the Deities, with Myself, with all of the aspects that I have to take into consideration.


I have to say, when you come to the meetings, I have so much fun, I love it so much.  It goes so fast , and then it seems like a year between meetings in one way and in a way it it’s quite quick too but, evolution is speeding up, so fast; it’s like I said, when you look back to August it seems like it could be three years ago, I mean.  Camping,.. ; when did we go camping.  So everything is very fast.


I pray that you take some of the heart that you felt in England, back to America.  That’s what America needs.  If it had a bit more heart then the Vissudhi would really open.  Americans somehow work from here up; they don’t come down here.  Then if they feel the gravity of their heart, then what they say becomes more beautiful.


Thank you very much.

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