Nick Burrin's Public Talk in Strasbourg

October 15th 2018

Monday, 15th October 2018, Strasbourg, France

Recorded live

So I’ve literally just arrived from the airport… come a bit closer, come a bit closer.

So, good evening. So I first came to France when I was 8 years old and this would have been in 1966 so I'm now 61. And I came with my parents and my brother and sister, and we came across the English Channel in… in one of the ferries, and when we arrived in Calais we had two hours to wait before we caught the train down to Nice. And my father said we should go and drive around the port and have a look; and he bought us some chips and some French bread; and I remember sitting there by the water and I thought, how can I be eating chips and bread that tastes so different, considering I was only 20 miles from England. And we then caught the train down to the south of France; and we stayed in Sainte-Maxime, which is where I came back to France two years ago to do my first meeting in France. And I have to say I fell in love with France; and I've been to France four times this year. But France has changed a lot since those days I would say, which is a shame. [Yes.] So a bit like England, you know, being part of the EU we've become just Europe. So I pray that France becomes France again, and all the qualities of the French people come through in a new way. [You want us to have a Brexit here?] Well, let's see what happens. I mean, let's wait and see. I think I could go into that in a big way but perhaps not tonight. I mean, from my point of view being English it's important that England is separate from Europe.

But my Books are about us becoming the Spirit. So when I was three years old a lady appeared to me who I would say was the Virgin Mary. And I was born very dyslexic but I could see a lot; and then in 1994 I felt myself changing, and then suddenly I could see Angels and Deities, and I felt amazing as if I was connected to the Universe. And from that I recorded and described everything I saw for about 4 months which I turned into this Book, So Daisy’s Really Are Made In Heaven. It’s very straightforward, it's very simple, but it gives you an insight into Divinity. [Into what?] Divinity. And from that I started to realize a lot of things about the human race, about our societies, about our countries, about really where we were going wrong. And what I realized was that we rely on our ego nearly all the time, so we're either thinking in the past or in the… into the future, but we're never here now, in this moment.

So what I realized was that when we wake up in the morning, we're either thinking, ‘I wish I had a better life’ or ‘I wish I hadn't said this yesterday’; or we're thinking ‘I'm great, I'm very happy, and I’m going to, you know, work really hard to get this new house’ or… but we don't relate to our Spirit. So our Spirit resides in our heart and it actually knows everything about us. And so the change for me was that instead of listening to my thoughts, I listened to my heart, and in England we call it… a feeling in your gut; yeah, but it's not your gut.

So when you first meet somebody you might think, ‘Oh, my goodness, this person is…,’ you know; then you ego goes, ‘No, they must be fine, they must be okay.’ And so then we end up trusting the wrong people. So actually I don't think at all; and there is a space between our thoughts and your Spirit is talking to you the whole time, but we're not really listening. So for example if we're coming down to a T-junction, your Spirit will say, ‘Turn right.’ So the first thing you feel is the right answer; but your ego will then say, ‘Yeah, but it could be left, it might be right, it could be straight on,’ and by the time you get there, you go left, and then you are lost.

So it's going to be an interesting journey for Humanity because we have to change; for too long now we’ve relied on our ego and what we've created is a world without love, without care. But if we actually lived by our heart, then we would care about everyone, care about our children, each other's children, would care about the elderly, and we would create a new society. So for example in England everything is now run centrally, from the government, whether it's the health service, education… But what we're beginning to realize… is that if things are run locally, by the local people, whether it be schools or education… or health; so in our local town the hospital has been now run by a smaller kind of charity. So there are no… there's no waiting; a lot of the people that work there are volunteers; and so it's my desire to, you know, kind of get rid of all the rules and regulations that we've created. I mean, EU creates eighty new laws a week – seventy percent more than Russia does every year, for example. [Seventy five?] Seventy percent more than Russia. [In Russia?] Than Russia.

So my hope really is that we need to give the power back to the people. But how do we do that if we're relying on our ego the whole time.

So what I’m going to ask you to do now is to put your hands out, and we'll just have a kind of a little meditation together. So if you just put your hands on your lap; and if you just look at me without thinking; so now you may feel on your… on the palms of your hands a cool breeze; so it's just like cool wind. Can you feel that. Can you feel that. Can you feel that. Yeah, okay; and it's getting stronger. So what actually is happening is… inside you is an energy which is now coming up through your body, and it's taking your ego… super-ego, which is about past and your ego which is the future – they're like this. And what's happening now is they're being sucked into one; so in that space right in the middle of you is a channel, and once that energy rises up then you can't think even if you really want to. And that isn’t known… Oh, my God, sorry… And so what that does is it brings you into a space which is known as thoughtless awareness, where you're very aware – much more aware than normal – but you don't have to think. So this is the beginning of becoming the Spirit, and your Spirit knows everything about you; and how many lives you've had; every… every little detail about you; it knows what you need, it knows what is good for you; and it will take you on a journey, where… take you on a journey… where you will start to realize things that you’ve not realized before. And what it does is it reconnects you to the universal energy.

How many of you have children. I have children. Sorry… so the one thing you'll know is that if you ask your children at eleven o'clock what they had for breakfast, they'll say, ‘I don't know’, because they're living in the present. And if you ask them, what would you like for dinner, they go, ‘I don't know’, because they're living in the present, so they're not bothered. Okay, so just put your hands out again. I’m going to ask you now just to take your left hand and put it above your head; and if you go quite high, you should feel a cool air coming out of your head… put it higher… bit higher. Oh, you have to translate. Go a bit higher. Go a bit higher. Okay, can you feel cool? So if you put your hand above your children's heads it will be cool. But what happens is when we get to adolescence then the head closes and you become an adult, and then you can only use your ego. But while you’re a child you're still connected, and that's why they're only interested in what's happening right now. So what I'm actually doing to you is I'm reconnecting you back to how you were as a child. And that's what brings you into the present. So what happens is the fontanel bone area at the top of your head reopens. And some of you may have heard that in Indian culture… that at the top of our head we have the thousand-petal Lotus, which has a thousand nerve endings. So over the next few days you might feel like a little popping going on in your head which is these little nerves opening. And you might find… but when this first happened to me, wherever I went there was a parking space with meters, you know, with money in it already; the traffic lights rolled green and my life started to change. And as soon as you put your hands out like this the energy recognizes inside you that you want to be part of the whole system; and then the energy rises up, and it brings you into the center and connects you back to where you’ve started. And then you start to have realizations about yourself, about your family, about your jobs, about everything; your clients. And it's amazing how your life will change, it's incredible.

I mean I’ve been now… so I meditate in the morning just for five minutes like this. I just look outside at the trees or… and the energy comes up. And, you could say, it's a bit like having a shower: I wouldn't go out if I haven't had a shower and brush my teeth, and in a way this is the same. So in a way it gets you ready spiritually for the day. And then what starts to happen is your heart starts to interact with you much more. So for example, if I came into this room, my spirit would say, ‘Sit there’, and if I sit there I'll be fine; but my ego will say, ‘No, sit over there or sit over there’; and then you won't feel so good. But you've all done it, haven't you; gone into a restaurant and you sat down and thought, ‘H-mm, this doesn't feel right, I want to sit over there’; and then you think, ‘Well, I won’t ask, I'll stay here’; and at the end of the meal you don't feel great.

So what we don't realize is we have this whole mechanism that is trying to help us 24/7, but we don't know about it, we don't understand it, we're not connected to it; and in a way it's very sad. I mean, my children as they became adolescents – it was quite a fight for me; not that I asked them to meditate, ever; but they get it completely and they're now 17 and 15. And then I say to them, ‘Should we go to this restaurant or this restaurant – you decide, you tell me’; and they always know which is the right one. In fact as my children were growing up I always said to them what would you like to do, where would you like to go, and let them decide, and it was much more interesting. But as adults we try and contain them, we kind of try and control them; but actually if you follow them, you'll have a much more interesting day. Yeah, and so your life becomes much more interesting, much more open; I mean, I live in a street of maybe 40 houses and I know two people. Not that I don't try and say ‘hello’ to people, but everybody shut their doors, you know, and are frightened of interacting or getting to know each other. And, you know, it’s such a shame. I mean, in England the education system for the children is terrible. I mean, I'm very jealous, because in France they have very long summer holidays. You know, you break up, you know, in the first week in June and you go back in September. But in England they break up the last week of July and we go back. So we got it wrong completely.

So there are many subjects that I could talk to you about; but really the most important thing in life is not what you think, but what you feel. So I have people, who come to visit me from all over the world, and I teach them how to feel, and then their lives change completely. Because instead of doing what they think they should do, they do what they feel they know they should do. And for me it's amazing to watch; I mean it's like a miracle, really, because… I mean, if you take Lilyane; how many of you are lawyers here? Do they know? So I mean, I first met Lilyane – what, five years ago; yes, five; and Lilyane’s life has changed completely; it was pretty tough. But I managed to get to feel what she should do rather than think about it, and then things began to really change.

And you know the world is changing so fast, and really this is all part of that change. We have no way out; we have to change. And what I am talking to you about tonight is going to happen to everybody, automatically, over the next 25 years. As human consciousness changes and you can quite clearly see, you know, in the world right now how much is changing; and it's going to speed up and speed up, and speed up, and speed up. And some of the things you won't like what I say, because we have very fixed ideas and we're also highly manipulated by the media. I mean a bit like for me; I feel so sorry, in a way, for certain countries around the world, because they have changed in ways that are, you know, derogatory. But in a way, when I try and get across to everybody is that your life is a whole lifestyle. So it's about feeling; it's about understanding and eating the right food, because we're completely inundated with the wrong diets, and we are consuming huge quantities of chemicals and sugars. So I say to people that when you go to the supermarket there are only two isles that you can use out of the twenty, and that is vegetables and fruit, and meat, if you eat meat, and the rest… anything that has what's in it, you shouldn't eat. So if you pick up some broccoli, it doesn't say what's in it; it just says ‘broccoli’. And if you eat an apple today or if you eat an apple 25 years ago – there are hardly any nutrients left. And it's taken me a long time to realize these things.

So it's about looking at yourself and your whole life and realizing that it can be a hundred times better. But in a way we're so busy; we're so… we can't stop thinking; we can't stop worrying; we spend all of our time confused. And that's where the simple meditation comes. So from my point of view I would like the world to change faster; I would like everybody to be happy; the only thing that I desire is everybody should be happy, they should enjoy their lives and be content. Are you more content? So it's a fascinating time; and if you just read this book – and it's only 50 pages; every person I’ve given this book to read – and it's free to download in French, as Lilyane has translated it. Sorry… so, if you just read this book… So, if you just read this book – just this, these 50 pages.

So my life is all about the truth. If you… when I was little all I wanted was to understand everything and not to have any doubt about anything that I had to do in my life. And when I got to 29, I said to myself, if I don't get it in one more year – I'm going. And then I met an Indian lady who told me how to meditate. And she said to me, “If you go off on your own and meditate, you will realize everything.” And then a year later I could see everything. I could see Angels and… it's in the Book; and I still do now. And it's the most amazing experience, and they tell me things. And so there's so much more for all of us to realize.

So… Do you want to meditate for a minute or two more? Still cool; still cool. Is it cool?

It’s quite in-depth because I explain so much about so many things which are… which we all kind of want, but we don't know; I mean in this book… I realized this book in 1994, but I didn't publish it until 2010. And in fact the next book… is this book; and this… this is the uncut version of this. So I wanted to create a book that I felt everybody could read, anybody, and that's why it's only fifty pages and it's very much to the point. But I said things like ‘love would work out all the problems in the world’. So I spent 16 years seeing the Angels, realizing lots of things, but also realizing that I couldn't tell anybody. Why, because I didn't see the bigger picture as such it took me that time. And then in 2015 I realized that I should do my first public meeting and the other books have been… come since.

But it doesn't matter if you don't read them; but you can try this every day and just see how your life changes. And if you do want to talk to me you can. I mean, I have over the last three years, is it, 2015; I have kind of encouraged and helped everybody who's come to see me personally, but as more people come that’s going a bit more difficult. But I'm happy to help anyone that needs any help or if they're worried about anything in their lives, really. And also what this system gives you is that you can know a lot about everybody; so if I want to know about you – I know. But it also gives you that, once you start to meditate a little bit.

Okay. So, does anybody have any questions?

Q.: Do you meditate every day and since when?

Since 1988. [Every day?] Every day, yeah; every day. I mean for me I'm always in meditation now; so, in a way I don't have to, but I do anyway, if that makes sense. So what happens with your head is that… this is your ego and this is your super-ego; so this is the… on this side this is the bit that says, ‘Oomph, I feel really bad today’; and this side is the bit that goes, ‘Oh, I’m amazing’, yeah. And what happens is those two institutions slowly come down as you meditate until you don't think, it's that simple. Because, you know, if you are saying to people ‘it's best not to think’, they kind of think you are mad. But did Mozart write piano concerto at the age of seven by thinking about it. No. So nearly all great inventions are all… not created after thought but they are inspired by the Universe. I mean, because I had dyslexia everybody told me I was stupid; it's not until I left school and went into business that I realized that they were wrong; and now of course they're realizing that dyslexic people are actually very creative.

So we have an amazing opportunity, really, to change, become happier and to have a really full life if these flies would go away.

Any other questions?

Q.: She's asking if you have intuition.

Yes, I mean I can… I read people's hands as well, but not in a way that you would know. So everything about your fingers tells you everything about you. So it tells me whether you have good parents or not; it tells me if you have problems because of your parents. So a lot of us have problems because of our parents; and I say in my books, whatever you do, don't become your parents, because they are our only role model, but don’t. So all illness is hereditary; so if our parents have been sick and stuff, then we need to break this cycle. So you need to be the opposite. I'm not saying every parent is bad; and it's very interesting, when I say… if I look at someone's hands and I say, ‘You have a problem with your mother’… they always go, ‘No, no, don’t worry about my mother; it's really good.’ And then I say, ‘No, it's not.’ And they go, ‘Really?’ Then they go, ‘Yeah, you might be right.’ So it's very interesting to look at people's hands and to see what's going on.

So it's fascinating because you also start to realize how you can help people in a way which is much deeper than just… should we go for a coffee? You have to explain now. I mean it's very hard for me not to work on everybody. So I’m happy to do that as much as I can. And there are people here; this is Elizabeth… how long have I known you now? Three years… [Yes.] Has your life changed? [Yes, a lot.] You have to say this. So I have people who’d come from Australia, from Canada, from America – everywhere. And they come for a weekend, perhaps, and I take them swimming in the sea, in a cold sea; and I take them up on the hills, and I work on them; we eat nice food, and they become better and happier; and it's very exciting. So, but I will be coming back to Strasburg in January, so I'll do another meeting if you would like; and maybe I’ll have a bit more time, because I'm actually leaving tomorrow, so… I haven’t got a lot of time. And I… because I was in such a rush; I left… I was going to give you a card, which has a little quote. [You don’t have them?] No, I left. I ran in to change quickly at Lilyane’s house, and then drove very fast again; so next time I’ll bring them. [I can put some here.] Here, yes, yes. It’s just… it’s a cover of this book… this book, and it has a quote on the back and the website.

But it's very exciting, very exciting times and, you know, I just pray for everybody, really, for the whole of Humanity; but we should enjoy this journey, because it's going to be amazing. […which would not be back again.] Ah? [This journey is a unique journey.] Well, it is now, yes; I mean, it's a very unique time, you know, in the history of humanity; so… But, you know, life is really about having a good time. I find so many people that are not really enjoying themselves; but if you do this 5 minutes a day…

Okay, any other questions? [She’s asking about the Angels, are the Angels just there…] Here now. […Or do they interact with you, do they speak to you.]

Well, they are here now, above. Can you feel it? Can you feel? Ah? Yes, yes, yes. Yes. [Do they have wings?] Well, there are some that I call the Warrior Angels, but there are many different types. So, nice to meet you, it’s okay… and then there are feminine… very feminine ones, which are kind of transparent; and they… their faces are kind of… because there's no stress or strain in Heaven. So they… they're very beautiful. I also see Deities, you know, so; Incarnations of God; and they only come when it's very important, really. But I explain a lot of my experiences in the book, so you can read what I… what I explain, what I see; and then from what I see I then explain something about the world. So it's like they're trying to show me something but they don't speak as such to me; but the way they are or what they do, I then realize what it is they… So in Heaven… they don't even speak in Heaven. Again it's a feeling, it's just a feeling. So whatever I feel from them I interpret into the books. But if you just simply read the book you’ll realize a lot. [In French?] In French, yeah. Lilyane translated it. So if it's not right you got to...

So the books are translated in Russian, French, German, Romanian, Dutch and now I will travel the world in the next few years. [Why in Strasbourg?] Why in Strasbourg, because Lilyane invited me to come and talk. And I will be here again in January… [Because they are lucky.] Well, yeah, I mean, while she lives here. Well, I’ve been invited nearly everywhere, but it’s hard to go, you know, at the moment; but hopefully I’ll probably go to Russia and… [You went already to Belgium…] oh, to Belgium and to the South of France, yeah… But now I feel I have to go much further, because there are more people reading the books and they want me to come to their countries, so… so I will now go.

So… anything else. Okay, thank you very much, thank you; maybe see you in January.

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